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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dylan's new image

Damn kao stylo - mylo look ...
  • Proudly presents you ... Dylan's new hair style.
  • Walau....macam Shaolin monk only .... hehehe.

Top pic: Friends came and visit, are your sure 1 month old? .... Bottom pic: Dylan says - Daddy, I am gonna revenge (with the devil eye look). After the hair cut, he keeps on crying in the night and hardly can go to bed ... me and yve really surrender to him!
  • Hey Dylan, sorry that you don't look like Andy Lau at the moment .... don't worry, once your hair long, will bring u to cut like your daddy hairstyle ... very yeng one!


Senghoo. said...

Wow, I think he looks simply adorable (:

CH Voon said...

look cute! he likes sleep very much oh

Lulu said...

cute~dunworry, Dylan has a nice hair style lar..

But y pink mattress for him?

Henry LeE ® said...

becareful with his Buddha Palm my friend :p

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