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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dylan doing push up

Baby push up ...
  • I thinks Dylan knows how to focus his eye into the camera since the daddy always take picture with him ...
  • He love to lift his head up lately .... Anyway, I feel so kesian ler when saw him exhausted after lifting himself up and drop his face flat on the mat.

Last week, my Paed said your baby is not 1 month old looking at his growth chart ... we feed him normally base on the guideline ... maybe let him smell too much of nice food & make him gain weight....possible meh for baby to gain weight by smelling food smell? (sacarstic question)

Dylan vodmit milk ...
  • Recently, after each feed, Dylan starts to vodmit milk and even after burp.
  • Search and google from the net and found many solution. Will try and will share which is the best solution cause every different babies got different behaviour to comfort & diagnose them.
  • Below is the article I got from one forum ....
  • Currently, many fresh parents find their babies vomit milk, but they do not know why and have no effective methods to avoid it. After seen a breastfeeding by fresh mother, I found out the crux of baby vomiting milk, which was caused by the improper breast-feeding way.
    I pointed out that during the whole feeding process, there are at least 3 points which do not meet the requirements:

    1. First, mother should change baby diaper first and then feed him. As soon as mother saw her infant crying, she knew that her infant was hungry and cannot wait to pick up and breastfeed him. After baby was full, mother changed the diapers for baby.

    Baby was turned over from left to right in bed, and when mother started to wear diaper for him, the legs and buttocks of baby were lifted. The stomach of newborn was in a horizontal position and the capacity of the stomach is small, its cardiac sphincter was flabby too, and together with the disruption when changing diapers, it is not strange that infant vomiting milk!

    The right way to feed baby is that mother should change his diaper first, and then wash her hands and breastfeed him.

    2. Secondly, when breastfeeding baby, mother should stuff her entire nipple and the most of areola into the mouth of baby, rather than just stuff the nipple in. If mother uses feeding-bottle to feed him, the rubber nipple should be full of milk to assure no air contained.

    If mother only stuffs her nipple in but without areola, or the rubber nipple is with half milk and half of the air, when newborn sucking milk, the air can be easily inhaled at the same time. If too much air was inhaled and mixed with milk in the stomach, the gas would rise, belch would bring together with the milk, the newborn would vomit milk.

    3. Thirdly, after feeding milk, mother cannot let her infant sleep immediately on the bed, but should pick up him and put his head on the shoulder of mother, pats his back gently at the same time to make the stomach gas expel from the stomach. After baby eructs several belches, put it on the bed and let him lie on his right side. It is not suitable to let newborn lie horizontal because if he vomits milk, the milk will easily be inhaled into cavity or even trachea. The light one will cause pneumonia, and the serious one will cause respiratory tract asphyxia and death.

    Actually, infant vomiting milk is not always caused by the wrong feeding methods. Some of the pathological factors can also lead to sick up milk, such as stomach esophagus back-streaming, pyloric spasm, congenital hypertrophic pyloric, digestive tract obstruction, infectious disease, brain hemorrhage and so on.

    As a result, if infant vomiting milk is not caused by the improper feeding methods, parents should bring him to hospital in time to find out the reason, so that infant can receive targeted treatment as soon as possible.
  • I read most some forum mention to feed less on the milk volume but many times so your baby tummy can digest the milk. It helps for most of the babies. One thing for sure, do not lie down your baby flat once after feeding.
  • Restless night for me today .... cause need to clean his mess up and every 2 hrs listening to Dylan crying. Furthermore, today got back to back meeting till 6pm.
  • As usual, any mommies out there, any advice on this?


Josephine said...

That's is fast! so fast one month liow!
Wah! ur BB sure will be stronger than other BBs ....

Anonymous said...

So much work to care for a little one. Parents are really dedicated workers you know when it comes to caring for their children. A mother can never resign is so true.

Mommy Ling said...

Hi Via,

Just a lil of my experinced to share with you..

I had faced the same problem liked what you are having now. i still remembered my elder gal very frequently vodmit each time after her fed. To the worst, the moment i moved her a bit, the milk was pouring out from her mouth..that's pretty scary and countless of hanky used and clothes i need to change on her. So, when i brought her for check up, i told the PAED bout this. He told me at this stage, baby's stomach is very shallow and immature yet and the digestion may not be as fast, therefore it caused her to easily vodmit out. This problem will improve as she grows older probaly when she is bout 5-6 months..and that's pretty true as this problem has gone when she reached that stage.

So,in between what i did is, i try not to feed her too much, but frequently as what you mentioned. Newborn does not required to drink plenty of water, in fact mom's breast milk is very a sufficient fluid for baby. If you tend to feed lot of water, it may caused him to vodmit a lot. Burp him each time feeding, am sure u did, right? Rub her lil tummy on Ru Yue Oil, to reduce colic.

Another experience to share with you whom my mom in law told me. She used to babysit a baby boy. This lil boy each time his fed, he will vodmit all the milk out (is all out!imagined how much he drinks = amount of vodmit out).I m sure it sounds crazy,ya.Imagined my MIL has to get ready a big rag (old t-shirt) by her side instead a small hanky, even sometimes a small bucket. Sounds pretty crazy, but that's what she has experienced.

I believe all babies are different,you will get plenty of information on different solutions on the problem which some may help and some may not. Anyhow, i think this is the precious learning and experinced we gained by raising up a baby..heheheh..

Take care!!!

vialentino said...

josephine: no lah...he just active to move around.

mei teng: yeah, agree with u...must admit that the mom did most of the job and sacrifice a lot.

mommy ling: great advice from you. yeah, we will reduce the feeding time and see how it goes....yeah, got use ru yue oil after bath or wipe him during the night only..

omg, pity that baby boy...vodmit out so much....i will try this method since many ppl say this is the best way than changing formula milk....thanks for ur advice.

Merryn said...

botak head ody eh? He sure have strong bones!

reanaclaire said...

good la Via.. u learn fast.. so many mummys out here giving u priceless tips.. no need to google, just ask and they r most willing to advise..sorry i cannot give out of touch and outdated as well.. :)

hey, Dylan so fast can lift up head? fantastic!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Whao~ so fast already 1 month! Ohh Dylan is bald but still very cute and handsome! wow reading your post here make me sweating~ feel like becoming a mother is very difficult & tough job especially for the fresh mommy! And also feel very proud of you as a daddy. Can see that you really put lots of afford on your baby boy. I think my dear dear next time will also like you. Even now anything that he don't know or not understand one he will just google search! This is where and why he learn things very fast. Again, help me to say for Dylan from Auntie Aeiween~ LOL

Anonymous said...

not easy to take care baby~

lucky jen knows from mama..
wont be a big problem for jen in the future. haha!!!

gambatte vialentino!!!
jen always suppport u.

foongpc said...

Haha! Dylan is so cute! I like the head part of a baby - so cute and I like to cuddle the head! Hehe

foongpc said...

Not only babies, if after eaten a meal, I also cannot immediately lie down. Will suffer heartburn and wind!

foongpc said...

Babies are cute to play and have fun with. But don't ask me to jaga them! Cannot lah. Too tiring. Haha!

chubskulit said...

He is so cute!

CH Voon said...

Your boy boy so strong! When grow up, nobody brave to bully him :P.

currently, you feed ur baby with mummy milk? I think the milk bottle MAM that you used is no problem because i used that for my daughter too.

That bottle is anti air lock (something like tat) one and quite good!

Dhemz said...

my gosh..I can't believe that he can lift his head Via....Akesha was 3 months old when she started lifting her head....great job gosh...he's getting big....he got more meat now...he must drink milk so fast...hehehe!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Those three methods sound very logic, what I always see is method 3. Hope your baby won't vomit anymore ;)
Hehe, glad to see that he's already learning to crawl *clap clap*

Xiaopei said...

I know nothing about feeding a baby... But my aunt told me before is not good using flash to capture baby's picture. It will harm baby's eyes.

Twilight Zone said...

Waaaaaaah SO CUTE!!! i want! I want!

babe_kl said...

one very important aspect, try not to let him suck on the milk bottle (if you're using) until it's empty as he will suck in the air.

leave some behind and remove the bottle just before he finish sucking.

like the rest hv mentioned, less feed but more frequent intervals would be able to minimise the vomitting

Anonymous said...

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