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Saturday, August 29, 2009

DiGi Pirates of Carribean Ship

Final suprise performance and presentation by Bridge Adventure team ...
  • Bridge Adventure team was the organizer for Technology Teambuilding at Swiss Garden, Damai Laut.
  • They mention that they will have a suprise for us after the teambuilding.
  • We really had a great laugh and enjoy their performance ....

We saw their Michael Jackson dance and Kung Fu Panda demostration which what we did ... now is their turn to perform to Digizens for a good laught at them.
  • They presented the Pirate Ships with those cute little Yellow Man on board .... our theme of the Teambuilding is Pirates of The Caribbean.

Wish to put this ship at my home for display!


Adrian & Aeiween said...

Ahh~ the little Yellow Man on board one so cuteee!!! Who came out with this idea? So creative!

uLi.佑莉 said...

very cute yellow-boy...hehhee!

Lulu said...

Great job Bridge Adventure team!

Wonder how much the ship cost?

Joshua said...

i want one of those yellow man, can?

TZ said...

Did they play the song ... "I will follow you..." :)

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