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Monday, August 17, 2009

Canton-i at One Utama shopping mall, Petaling Jaya

Reward for Yve taking care of Dylan for the whole week ...
  • Yeah, recently been throwing out cash for some nice food dining ... maybe is a way to destress ourself after spending most of our time taking care of baby and no time for ourself.
  • Dumped baby Dylan to my parent house and went to Canton-i after spurred by the recent good reviews by food bloggers and by yve colleagues.
  • Canton-I is actually owned by Dragon-I, the famous Chinese food chain around Klang Valley. Instead of Shanghainese cuisine, Canton-I offers a different range of food, i.e. noodles, rice, congee and dim sum.

Very nice environment to dine in - bold splashes of red in the form of lights in cages with cherry blossom motifs everywhere. The lights remind me a bit of Delicious. Along one side of the restaurant is their open kitchen. At one side of the restaurant, it is mirrored and has rows of clay teapots as decorations.
  • I like their cold ying yong tea, better than my favourite Kim Gary ... but my comment is RM 5.50 per glass is bit expensive...imagine ordered 2 glasses already cost RM 11 exclude tax.

Fish Congee ... very delicious ... and nice to eat with the crispy kerepok .... it will taste nicer with fried oil stick ... yum yum ... no doubt on this congee and thumbs up ...

  • Wanton dry noodles with Japanese Stewed Pork Ribs ... this is the dish I am loving it so much .... the noodles is so springy and the stewed pork ribs really soft and melt in your mouth once you bite it. If not mistaken, my most expensive chinese noodles dish (RM 13).
  • The Char Siew (2 combination dish) ... is superb delicious ... thick taste with their marinated sauce...nice melting layers of fats ... Yve's favourite! The roasted chicken was a bit hard and not so nice ... must ordered their roasted pork.

Top pic: The noodles portion is filling enough and worth it (RM 13), thou it is pricey a bit but worth to try it. Below pic: This combination dish Char Siew and roasted chicken cost us RM 24+ ... I would say for the char siew is worth it a lot. The roasted chicken meat and skin is a bit dry. Yve found her best char siew restaurant ... damn, I will get fat very soon.

  • You might wanna ask after looking at the food portion we ordered is for how many pax.... it is both of us only....consuming 4 pax of food portion. Feeling so guilty to my tummy now.
  • Do not miss their Prawn Wanton soup ....superb delicious....with 6 wantons cost at RM 12 ...meaning one wanton cost u RM worth it.

I love this Prawn Wantons....big portion with the prawn size....worth it.
  • The damage for this bill cost me RM 85 ... worth it a not .... errr, is bit pricey but we both love their food....will definitely come back again.
  • Anyway, this is a reward for Yve for sacrifying her sleepless nights to take care Dylan.
  • Canton-I
    G-208, Second Floor1 Utama Shopping Centre
    Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
    Tel No: 03- 77297888
    (Non Halal. Open from 11.00 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday. Weekends, open from 10.30 am onwards.)


Dhemz said...

my drooling like a dog...nyahahha....the food looks mouth watering....:)

tech said...

delicious food just keeps on coming yumyum!

Cindy Khor said...

the bill really is a bit on the high side for porridge and noodles and roast pork. but judging from the picture, they look really tasty..

CH Voon said...

wah... you really eat alot of good food!

next time, if i want go out find food to eat.... need to browse your blog and check the place first hehehe

renaye said...

this is definitely a good way to de-stress. no food no energy. haha.

i have only been to canton-i once and that was the last time i went there coz i find the quality has gone down and the service was bad. but i went there in 2006. maybe things have change by now.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

My gal loves the siew mai there. Perhaps you can give it a try next time. ^-^ Thanks for dropping by my blog.

vialentino said...

dhemz: yeah...the food here not bad...very nice and tasty...

tech: hahaha....u r rite....lots of eating recently...

cindy: expensive...but still many ppl went to dine there...maybe it is worth the price they r paying for.

ch voon: blogsite not a real foodie blog....i also source from other foodie blogsites which got good reviews.

renaye: yes...for one utama is ok, not sure bout other branch...

food paradise: ok ok...yeah, we plan to go for dim sum...but their dim sum dishes also not cheap ler...

Farah said...

sweet hubby ya u :P
i pass by this place like every day.. but ya i cant eat ;)

Lulu said...

Really always packed, always long queue.

Caring hubby u are!

vialentino said...

farah: too bad...u can just smell...kekeke...dun worry, lots of nice food in one utama.

lulu: aiyoh, me not caring ler...only wife ask, then i do only ler...kekeke

Clement said...

3 word review:
- Pricey
- Yummy
- Fattening

Especially the Goose meat, that reminds me the Hong Kong coffee shop where they sell Char Siew Chicken Rice for HKD28.00, plus a Milk Tea and soup.

Chew said...

Saw that shop before now i know the price, thanks for posting.

uLi.佑莉 said...

the food is nice but i also think it's over priced la...once a while, ok la ^^

reanaclaire said...

speechless*.... 2 persons? * pengsan*


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