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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka to All Malaysians

Vialentino wishes all Malaysians blog readers a very Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian bloggers and citizens!
  • How do I celebrate? Working now ler! .... UAT testing ...
  • How do you celebrate then?

Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule, celebrated on August 31

Sunday, August 30, 2009

PappaRich Kopitiam, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Dinner at Pappa Rich Kopitiam ... Dylan so in good mood ...
  • After having good bath, finish drinking milk and burp finish ... ahhhh, Dylan is so relief!

mum mum ...

Dylan dine at PappaRich Kopitiam @ Bandar Puteri Puchong ...

  • On my way back from work .... it was 8pm .... busy with project testing ... it was a sudden that Yve mention wanna dine dinner at PappaRich Kopitiam ....
  • I was so ON since after hard day at work .... time to relax a bit.

Me and Yve favourite drink ... Longan Lychee ... RM 5.50 per bowl .... very refreshing and cooling.

Ipoh Hor Fun and Assam Laksa .... normal ordinary cafe food .... is pricey!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

DiGi Pirates of Carribean Ship

Final suprise performance and presentation by Bridge Adventure team ...
  • Bridge Adventure team was the organizer for Technology Teambuilding at Swiss Garden, Damai Laut.
  • They mention that they will have a suprise for us after the teambuilding.
  • We really had a great laugh and enjoy their performance ....

We saw their Michael Jackson dance and Kung Fu Panda demostration which what we did ... now is their turn to perform to Digizens for a good laught at them.
  • They presented the Pirate Ships with those cute little Yellow Man on board .... our theme of the Teambuilding is Pirates of The Caribbean.

Wish to put this ship at my home for display!

Accident: Went thru LDP toll pole (updated with picture)

My windscreen damage picture ...

Luckily it was a laminated windscreen ... else the crack will be all over the places .... I paid RM 405 to replace a new windscreen and a good lesson to me! darnn....need to eat roti liow!

I am so Blurr this morning ...
  • Damn, I don't know what's going on in my head this morning ... maybe due to tireness and maybe thinking & worry of my current projects too much.
  • In my mind, I know I am coming to toll booth ... I even slow down behind the car and get ready to tag ... but I did not aware and never thought that I need to take out my Smart Tag and tagged it.
  • I saw there is no pole and when I just cross thru...the pole drop down to my front windscreen and I went thru it ... causes my front windscreen crack.
  • I just continue to drive to office. When reached office, called up the LDP office and report this case.
  • The LDP officer is so kind that I did not need to pay for the damages. Cause the toll pole did not break at all ... so it is ok ... luckily me ... later will need to send my car for windscreen change.
  • Must buy 4D!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why I gained 1.5kg after each Melaka visit (Part 2 of 3)

Note: Sorry that I got no time to reply your comment and messages due to my tight schedule & busy with projects. But do enjoy my scheduled post ... 27/8 - Google cheque banked in. Thanks Google!

My parents-in-law cooked my favourite dish ...
  • No doubt as you all know that I love to eat prawns .... hehehe.
  • My father-in-law purposely drove to fishing village to buy fresh prawn which capture from the sea ... per kg it cost RM 45 and during Chinese New Year festive season, the price can hit double for RM 90 per kg.

Prawns cook with fried ginger and rice wine .... superbly yummy in taste ...
  • My dad-in-law also bought sting ray fish (ikan pari) .... got to know from him that this ikan pari is a different grade compare to the normal ikan pari which sold in the market. This ikan pari also cost more expensive than the normal ones ... due to the meat type ...
  • The meat is so tender and soft .... just the feeling like eating a fresh crab meat.
  • Per kg cost about RM 14 .... normal ikan pari cost RM 8 per kg.

Home made chicken chilli sauce by my dad in law .... nice to dip the ikan pari and eat with it...
  • We ordered a whole roasted duck ... sorry, no pics available cause it was wrapped in a box ... when it opened, straight makan only and forgot to take picture.
  • Soup and vege is a must dish when my dad-in-law cooks.
  • Oh yeah, all the above dishes is cooked by my dad-in-law .... geng leh!

Herbal chicken soup .... I love it ... hardly drink soup when at KL .... only at Melaka got to drink soup only ...

  • Will be posting my last part 3 of my food venture in Melaka which caused me to gain additional 1.5kg.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DiGi Music Club - Unlimited Music downloads for RM5 per month only

Is this for real? ... Big Talk in Town!

  • Yes, it is for real when my friends and even my own family members called me to ask bout this....RM 5 for unlimited music downloads offered by DiGi! They instantly switch from Maxis & Celcom to become DiGi subscriber, no doubt and no need to think twice at all to switch.
  • Before I move on, I am not promoting DiGi Music Club just because I am a 016 worker (seriously) but this is my honest feedback when I was a previous competitor music club subscriber as well.
  • DiGi always understand what Malaysian subscribers wants .... finally, this is the BiG Nuclear bomb drop to other telco competitors to bring the new music business and competition into Malaysia ...

Join now and enjoy the benefits ... an awesome new music experience brought to you by DiGi

  • I am craze-ing downloading all the latest songs esp Lady Gaga - Poker Face into my notebook .... and my disk space is running low. Remember that it is RM5 per month and you are given 30 days free trial sumore when first subscribe! ... what are you waiting for!
  • The best feature I am enjoying is that you can download your fav. music to phone and PC. Another great offer that there is no GPRS / Data charge when u download to your mobile phone!

Simple and easy as ABC ...

  • I got feedback that the DiGi Music website looks so user friendly and easy to use compare to other Music competitor site ... u can be an internet dummy and can purchase song via DiGi Music Club with a single eye closed ... no joke!
  • Great effort by the ECE team.

The website load very fast and very flashy to spice up the website design ... I can personalize my profile photo and my status...chun siul!

  • DiGi really ensure the DiGi users truly Discover, Personalise, Share and have the best Experience in the new DiGi Music Club website ... DiGi is commited to bring the best to you!

Many features and functions .... I seriously like the play button to preview the music ... it doesn't pop up new window with a media player to play it.

  • This is not bout buying and downloading songs only but you can make new friends with other DiGi Music lovers too. You can find friends with similar taste in music and update friends with your status feed.
  • I am not going to share and over publicise in here .... main thing is u need to register and experience and discover for yourself.

Many hot chicks members too .... but that is not my main reason to be DiGi Music club member...oh yeah, u can personalize ur own playlist ... and voice out your thoughts.

  • Compare to other Music Sites .... nothing beats DiGi Music Club site functionality and the best offer deal ever ... unlimited downloads for RM5 a month!
  • Got to know that even our competitor blue+ green 'DO' team is studying on DiGi's Music Club technology, features and the business model ... they can find out more at the link below. ... all the best to our friendly competitor :) ...
  • Time to Change ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dylan 18 SX picture

Dylan says I need a bigger bath tub ....
  • See what see ... my main asset ler (censored liow) ... need to pay loyalty fees for me by clicking to support my daddy for my milk powder, yeah!
  • Darn, I only realize how fast Dylan grows when I saw that he not able to fit into this huge bath tub. He was 50 days old only (1 month 3 weeks) ....

He loves to play with water a lot and luckily Dylan don't cry while he is in the bath tub ...
  • Dylan says .... See enough already ? Look at my cute face loh ...
  • Remember to click yeah if you find me I am cute enough! hehehe

Can't wait for the next paed visit ... wonder wat his height and weight?

  • Take a wild guess of Dylan's weight for 2nd month old only? I guess it will be about 5.9kg ...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I gained 1.5kg after each visit to Melaka (Part 1 of 3)

The reasons is very simple ... the amount of Melaka foods I had

  • Over the weekend, went back to Melaka with Yve and Dylan to visit my parents-in-law. First time brought Dylan to travel a long journey too.
  • Due to H1N1 cases in Melaka, we camped most of the time at home but my and yve went out to destress ourself by hunting our favourite Melaka foods.
  • Whenever I go back to Melaka each time...the following week, I will play badminton hard and go jogging. Bcos of my tireness after taking care of Dylan, I have stopped most of my exercise and sports activities.
  • Dare not to reveal my current weight ... just see the amount of foods I had and you will know the answer...

Melaka Dry Kuew Teow & Fried Lobak at Uncle Oh Food Court @ Taman Asean, Melaka ... (Lunch)

  • Yve wanted to eat dry kuew teow ... why is it so different compare to KL and Ipoh Hor fun .... is the taste and Melaka dry kuew teow is a bit kind of watery and soupy....not bad thou.
  • The taste of the kuew teow is different ... got a bit kind of herbs taste ... it is nice to pour in the whole sambal and mixed with it to eat it together.
  • The fishballs is very fresh too.

We had each bowl of this and I ordered the big bowl one... yum yum....

  • By the way, this is my lunch food and not morning breakfast ..... Morning breakfast, I had dim sum at our regular place ... which I did not take pics at all.
  • Fearing we not able to fulfill our stomach, Yve ordered the fried lobak (radish cake). The lobak was perfectly fried till hangus a bit with their thick soya sauce...lots of eggs and taugeh as well.
  • The taste not bad too .... wouldn't say the best one in Melaka.

RM 3 per plate....reasonable for the huge portion....luckily we ordered for one pax only.

Melaka Cendol, Pai Tee, Nyonya Curry Laksa & Nyonya Nasi Lemak @ Kampung Lapan ... (Tea Time) ...

  • This place Yve have brought me many times and I had brought many of my friends and relatives to check out their nyonya foods (Mee Siam, Curry Laksa & Nasi Lemak) .... most of them give thumbs up and they will come to this stall when they travel to Melaka by themself.
  • I must say been a long time I did not come back to Melaka to eat .... so within a day, we went and ate lot of stuff .... remember this is Part 1 of 3 from my 2 days 1 night stay in Melaka.

Is it a bit run down place with atap zincs roof ... but it is shady and windy ...

  • Their Pai Tee is so nice and crispy .... the thing I wanna comment is the price only ... for 5 pcs, it cost RM 3.30 where I thought it should be cheaper bout RM 2.50 ... Anyway, we still ordered cause we love to eat it.
  • We ordered the Nyonya Laksa ... wats the different compare to KL Curry Laksa ... u tried Nyonya Laksa and compare it .... is the curry soup taste....very kao and very curry flavoured.

Love to drink the curry soup so much!

  • Nothing beats Melaka Cendol with original Gula Melaka .... just love the cendol here so much ... strong in santan and gula melaka taste! It is a must have when you are in Melaka town.
  • Oh boy, I love the nasi lemak here .... the rice is cooked perfectly ... not soggy (lembik) ... it is just nice from the rice texture u can see. The santan taste is strong and yum yum ... damn, need to check my cholesterol level liow.
  • The comment I had for this nasi lemak is they shud give more sambal thou u can request additional!

Santan power ... Cendol (RM 2) and Nasi Lemak (RM 2.80) ... chun siul!!!
  • Remember this is only part 1 of 3 of my reasons to gain 1.5kg in 2 days at Melaka ... does not include my breakfast and dinner posting yet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home cook Claypot Kun Po Chicken

By Chef Yve ... my favourite dish ...
  • Ok, got to admit that Yve been feeling sick that each time i tao pao for her mixed rice from outside.
  • She decided to home cook this signature dish - Claypot Kung Po Chicken ... cooked in claypot really give a different taste and smell compare u cook in the wok.

I love spicy ... Yve added lots of dried chillies....yummy and super black sauce! chun siul....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Safeguard your family from dengue and mosquito

REX Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap ... being a Kiasu Dad!
  • I used to go back to my parent house at PJ and being stung by bloody mosquitoes ... even my neighbour next door, the husband passed away due to dengue fever! ... serious shit right.
  • That's why I hardly bring Dylan down to visit my parents due to this reason. Last week, when I go down for a visit, I feel something different .... how come I did not listen to those mosquitoes flying buzzing sound ...
  • Then I saw a UV light and shape of UFO. My parent bought this mosquito trap. I see, i still ignore it cause my own house only got 1-2 mosquitoes only.

Thou is super expensive....but it is worth it ... something easy to use and very useful. REX Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap can lure and capture the mosquitoes, both in bright indoors and in dark outdoors, by using a tripartite system: HEAT and UV LIGHT, produced from the fluorescent lamps installed inside, and CO2, produced when near ultraviolet rays are radiated onto the Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Mosquitoes enter the trap through the capture windows on the upper portion, and then strong suction from the fan will suck them into the capture net on the lower compartment. Once they are in the capture net, they cannot escape and they will slowly die of dehydration.

  • Then I went to my cousin house neaby my Taman .... i saw he got this mosquito trap unit too. He got two unit sumore and show me a dozens of mosquitoes stuck and died in there ... i just asked him how much it cost ... RM 165! .... damn, so kao mahal, so I din bother to buy one too.
  • Instead i bought the mosquito racquet RM 15 with torchlight function .... power siul.
  • Then come one fine day, Yve was stung by 10 mosquito bites with reddish spot .... DAMN IT .... then I saw Dylan cheek got stung one love bite too ...
  • Straight I went to ACE Hardware to purchase this .... and install it ... from there mosquito case reported and even no mosquito died in there.

You don't have to chase around hunting to kill mosquito with the racquet....just turn on the REX and let him do the job. It was superbly quiet, no chemical, no biak biak sound when it hit the UV light, the mosquito just got sucked into the netting below only. RM 165 only and can get it from ACE hardware. SIRIM Certified by my experience! Oh yes, it is SIRIM approved!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet at Solaris, Mont Kiara

Expensive Japanese Buffet Lunch & not worth it
  • No doubt Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara is the latest craze in town for few months ago. It has been forwarded in emails, blogged by numerous food bloggers, and perhaps the most attractive thing about it currently is the buffet luncheon promotion for afforable price.
  • Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Solaris Mont’ Kiara, right above Cold Storage.
  • Previously people mention that Tenji served the best Japanese buffet compare to Jogoya @ Starhill. I have tried Jogoya before and it was one of the best Jap buffet I had.
  • Recently, I have read a few bad comments that they did not maintain the food quality and standard and has dropped ... so me and yve decided to go and try and review for ourself. We ajak along Johny, Dae, Wan Lin, Fanny and Lyn as well to join us for the lunch as they have not tried as well.

  • Oh yeah, it cost us RM 77++ each as we have it on Sunday lunch.
  • What I can say that the price we are paying for is not worth the food quality and taste we are served.
  • I don't have the 'WOW' experience when I dine at Jogoya ... seriously the food at Tenji really not that good and the only thing I enjoy is their fragrant coconut which I had more than 7-8 biji.

  • Dylan's Godmother ... Fanny ...
  • She complains arm pain after carrying Dylan ... hahaha.

  • Group pics taken and Lyn carrying Dylan for the first time.
  • Lyn, thanks for the wonderful gift.

  • I did not take much of the food pics .... cause hardly can eat much .... the sashimi is not that fresh .... and even the fried tempura is cold and not that crunchy when I had a bite on it.
  • The Oglio pasta is soupy and the taste of pepper is so strong .... darn, the worse pasta I had and even my own cooked pasta taste much better than this.

  • I would say the dim sum har gao and unagi roll is the food item i like there...cause is freshly made upon order ....
  • Frankly for Tenji to survive in their business, they need to re-look into their food quality and staff service. We had to carry the cleaning tray to our table and clean our plates by ourself .... gosh, can't they hire more staff to do this and do not let customer to do this kind of job ... we are paying RM 77+ mannnn ....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My life and experience as DAD and My working life update

My Life as a Daddy ...

Note: Before that, with the recent NuffNang cheque deposited in, I bought Dylan's milk powder, thanks for your support & contribution ... darn, the milk powder increased RM 1 .

  • I must admit that my entire activities and lifestyle has changed totally. I must admit that I feel guilty that I laugh at my friends who have babies and been locked in the house and hardly come out.
  • Now I know it is true that we need to sacrifice most of our time for baby.
  • Previously my activity schedule without Dylan Boy:-

    Monday: Work + Badminton
    Tuesday: Work + Badminton + DVD Movie
    Wednesday: Work + Yum Char
    Thursday: Work + Badminton
    Friday: Work + Shopping / Dinner Outside to pak toh/ Yum Char
    Saturday: Jogging + Shopping + Drinking / Yum Char
    Sunday: Jogging + Rest at home + Dinner Outside to pak toh

  • After have Dylan .... this is my schedule:-

    Monday: Work + Zhao Chai (take care baby)
    Tuesday: Work + Zhao Chai
    Wednesday: Work + Zhao Chai
    Thursday: Work + Zhao Chai
    Friday: Work + Zhao Chai
    Saturday: Zhao Chai
    Sunday: Zhao Chai + Dinner outside (break time for me and yve to relax)

  • Anyhow, I am not complaining at all ... just a change of my life which I need to adapt to it. I can tell you that the feeling as a Dad, you will feel the responsibility and proud and something you enjoy thou you are tired and sleepy ... but it was an awesome experience.

The first day picture when Dylan born on 6th July 2009 ...

  • The day since Dylan born, you will not think of tireness cause you want the best for your children and willing to sacrifice for it ... a sudden automatically feeling and strong will power came to your mind and body.
  • When I goes to work, you should be sleepy and looks tired....yes, it is true BUT your mind and body still got the energy to work ... cause work to get salary to buy milk powder and feed the family. You won't feel tired.

A week before his fullmoon ...

  • I notice that every week, he got new patent and behaviour popping out his true color ... lots of those baby voices created by him which is so cute to listen to it ....
  • Week by week we measure him and weight him....I can wait to reveal his length and weight ...

Fast growing boy ... 1 month 4 days ...

  • I truly like the moment when hit 6pm ... time to go off from work .... and it's time to see my baby at home .... supposingly, you are super dead tired ... but u still got the energy to play with him and put him to sleep and to continue the routine life again.
  • What's freak me out at first is cleaning his poo and urine ... I never imagine I got to touch someone's shit ... but when you clean your own children shit, you don't feel anything even the shit stuck in between your finger nails ....
  • I am proud that I manage to clean his poo, change his diapers and clothing and the only thing I have NOT DONE is to bath Dylan. He is too fragile and I don't have the confidence to do this yet.

Dylan, you are no.1 in daddy's heart ... need to wear sunglasses else you can see my huge eyebag...sighhh.

  • Amazing huh after all this experience .... I thought I will drop dead and fall sick ... Eventually, I am still standing strong and still got the seducing dimple and smile as before....ooopssie.

Working life so far ...

  • Adapted to my new status life as Dad ... finally I feel so much better and used to it ... my mind is fresh and looking forward to go to office everyday to work ...
  • Despite busy managing projects and facing new challenges everyday... I will overcome it positively.
  • I am praying hard for my 2 projects which will be rolling out soon in October. Hope to rollout successfully. Be optimistic and stay positive ... always been reminded by my tech lead - Zul. Luckily I got my tech lead and business lead (Meng Yee) to assist when I am not around ... appreciate their help so much.
  • Oh yeah, I miss the DiGi Amazing Race which held yesterday at PJ area due to my tight schedule. Miss all the fun and doing treasure hunting.
  • Hope the Q3 that my company can hit two KPI's and get 1 month bonus .... would need the bonus!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dylan says big thank you to NuffNang and my blog readers

Can buy one Similac Advance or Enfalac A+ milk powder ....
  • Once again, thanks for your support and clicks to help me to purchase a milk powder for Dylan.

  • Thou is small amount but it helps to reduce my financial burden ... thanks to NuffNang & you all readers out there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yummy Roti Poori at G Letchumitrah Curry House

Yummy Puffed Bread - Poori ...
  • Went for dinner by myself when on the way back from office .... this curry house located between Proton Hicom and Putra Heights.
  • Brought by one of my ex-colleague, Daniel to this place to yum char. Tasted their Indian Poori bread and was delicious.
  • Hence, I am so hungry that night after working late and Yve did not cook my portion ... went and order Fried Rice and Roti Poori.

The fried rice is ok ok only....edible...nothing special....just like their telur mata kerbau.
  • This stall served one of the best Poori bread I have tasted .... no doubt on the 3 variery curry sauces and love their dahl a lot.
  • These are small round pancakes size rounds of dough that are slipped into hot oil or ghee, where they fill with steam and balloon in seconds.

The content in the bread is empty ...nice to eat by dipping with the sauces and dahl ... cost me RM 2 for this .... anyway, it is worth it...really sapu cleanly all the curry sauces & dahl....yummy.

  • By the way, not sure is Roti poori is healthy like Chapati? Tell me YES please!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Canton-i at One Utama shopping mall, Petaling Jaya

Reward for Yve taking care of Dylan for the whole week ...
  • Yeah, recently been throwing out cash for some nice food dining ... maybe is a way to destress ourself after spending most of our time taking care of baby and no time for ourself.
  • Dumped baby Dylan to my parent house and went to Canton-i after spurred by the recent good reviews by food bloggers and by yve colleagues.
  • Canton-I is actually owned by Dragon-I, the famous Chinese food chain around Klang Valley. Instead of Shanghainese cuisine, Canton-I offers a different range of food, i.e. noodles, rice, congee and dim sum.

Very nice environment to dine in - bold splashes of red in the form of lights in cages with cherry blossom motifs everywhere. The lights remind me a bit of Delicious. Along one side of the restaurant is their open kitchen. At one side of the restaurant, it is mirrored and has rows of clay teapots as decorations.
  • I like their cold ying yong tea, better than my favourite Kim Gary ... but my comment is RM 5.50 per glass is bit expensive...imagine ordered 2 glasses already cost RM 11 exclude tax.

Fish Congee ... very delicious ... and nice to eat with the crispy kerepok .... it will taste nicer with fried oil stick ... yum yum ... no doubt on this congee and thumbs up ...

  • Wanton dry noodles with Japanese Stewed Pork Ribs ... this is the dish I am loving it so much .... the noodles is so springy and the stewed pork ribs really soft and melt in your mouth once you bite it. If not mistaken, my most expensive chinese noodles dish (RM 13).
  • The Char Siew (2 combination dish) ... is superb delicious ... thick taste with their marinated sauce...nice melting layers of fats ... Yve's favourite! The roasted chicken was a bit hard and not so nice ... must ordered their roasted pork.

Top pic: The noodles portion is filling enough and worth it (RM 13), thou it is pricey a bit but worth to try it. Below pic: This combination dish Char Siew and roasted chicken cost us RM 24+ ... I would say for the char siew is worth it a lot. The roasted chicken meat and skin is a bit dry. Yve found her best char siew restaurant ... damn, I will get fat very soon.

  • You might wanna ask after looking at the food portion we ordered is for how many pax.... it is both of us only....consuming 4 pax of food portion. Feeling so guilty to my tummy now.
  • Do not miss their Prawn Wanton soup ....superb delicious....with 6 wantons cost at RM 12 ...meaning one wanton cost u RM worth it.

I love this Prawn Wantons....big portion with the prawn size....worth it.
  • The damage for this bill cost me RM 85 ... worth it a not .... errr, is bit pricey but we both love their food....will definitely come back again.
  • Anyway, this is a reward for Yve for sacrifying her sleepless nights to take care Dylan.
  • Canton-I
    G-208, Second Floor1 Utama Shopping Centre
    Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
    Tel No: 03- 77297888
    (Non Halal. Open from 11.00 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday. Weekends, open from 10.30 am onwards.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My favourite Ngau Kee Beef Noodles, Jalan Tingkat Tong Shin

I love dry beef noodles ...
  • Sometimes when u crave for a food you really desperate to eat despite the weather and despite bad situation ... you will drive down all the way just for your favourite food.
  • Famous Ngau Kee Beef Noodles is a simple stall setup in front of a dilapidated row of what looks like pre-war shop houses in the middle of KL.

This is the flagship dish of the stall. You can add 10 beef balls for RM 6 or 10 pork balls for RM 10.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Uncle Helmut Wessner Birthday at Restoran Sam You, Petaling Jaya

Grand Celebration for Uncle Helmut ...
  • Uncle Helmut Wessner....he is an Austrian, live in Melbourne and married to my Auntie Grace for many many years.
  • Uncle Helmut can eat 4-5 pcs roti canai a day and can drink 3 cups of Kopi Ais per day!.
  • Till now, he is living strongly and healthy to celebrate his birthday.

One comment...they shud change their old and stained culinary pic: Uncle Helmut & Aunty Grace
  • It was my first time to dine at this restaurant and I can tell you that the food served here is excellent ... seriously tasty.
  • Parking is not a problem after 7pm. The restaurant was packed after 7.30pm.

The tiger prawns is so huge and fresh .... the meat so tender ... top picture: the 'pai kwat wong' - pork ribs is super huge size .... darn ... it was so tasty that I couldn't resist for a second piece even my stomach is bloated.

  • I can admit that every dishes here are excellent and finish cleanly .... for the first time!

The steamed cod fish is the dish of the night .... super fresh and super white .... instantly finish less than 2 minutes ....till no bones left on the place ...
  • Finally, came to the last event which is cake cutting ...
  • I will for sure come back here to dine again ...

Nice creamy and fruity birthday cake...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dinner at Bumbubali at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Brought Dylan to smell some nice bali food at Bumbubali Restaurant ...

  • After been camping at home for most of the time ... finally last weekend, decided to bring Dylan to one of my fav dining place ...
  • It was not safe to bring Dylan for shopping at malls because of H1N1, at the end ... brought him here for food smelling in of my paktoh place.
  • The restaurant is located in Puchong, at the shop lots opposite the Giant hypermarket of Bandar Puteri.

The new deco and design of the restaurant giving you a taste of Bali that is close to home and offering a peace of mind while dining.

  • Pic below: Campur-campur tiga (Bumbubali Trio) is supposedly an appertizer but it is so huge portion that can be shared 2-3 pax.
  • The Pasta taste very normal only but the grilled Dory fish is excellent in taste and freshness.

The three combinations is deep fried calamari, chicken wings, and satey on lemon grass stem. The satey with lemon grass stick was especially good....I love their sauces too.
  • No doubt this is my favourite Indonesian food restaurant.

Their drink is nice and refreshing .... din know the dessert also in huge portion ...

  • Be prepared to pay the damages for the nice food .... for this dishes, it cost nearly to RM 100. How nice if they can reduce their prices a bit.
  • Bumbu Bali address and contact no:-
    18 & 18-1, Jln Persiaran Puteri 1,
    Bandar Puteri,
    47100 Puchong.
    Tel: 03-8061 8699

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dylan doing push up

Baby push up ...
  • I thinks Dylan knows how to focus his eye into the camera since the daddy always take picture with him ...
  • He love to lift his head up lately .... Anyway, I feel so kesian ler when saw him exhausted after lifting himself up and drop his face flat on the mat.

Last week, my Paed said your baby is not 1 month old looking at his growth chart ... we feed him normally base on the guideline ... maybe let him smell too much of nice food & make him gain weight....possible meh for baby to gain weight by smelling food smell? (sacarstic question)

Dylan vodmit milk ...
  • Recently, after each feed, Dylan starts to vodmit milk and even after burp.
  • Search and google from the net and found many solution. Will try and will share which is the best solution cause every different babies got different behaviour to comfort & diagnose them.
  • Below is the article I got from one forum ....
  • Currently, many fresh parents find their babies vomit milk, but they do not know why and have no effective methods to avoid it. After seen a breastfeeding by fresh mother, I found out the crux of baby vomiting milk, which was caused by the improper breast-feeding way.
    I pointed out that during the whole feeding process, there are at least 3 points which do not meet the requirements:

    1. First, mother should change baby diaper first and then feed him. As soon as mother saw her infant crying, she knew that her infant was hungry and cannot wait to pick up and breastfeed him. After baby was full, mother changed the diapers for baby.

    Baby was turned over from left to right in bed, and when mother started to wear diaper for him, the legs and buttocks of baby were lifted. The stomach of newborn was in a horizontal position and the capacity of the stomach is small, its cardiac sphincter was flabby too, and together with the disruption when changing diapers, it is not strange that infant vomiting milk!

    The right way to feed baby is that mother should change his diaper first, and then wash her hands and breastfeed him.

    2. Secondly, when breastfeeding baby, mother should stuff her entire nipple and the most of areola into the mouth of baby, rather than just stuff the nipple in. If mother uses feeding-bottle to feed him, the rubber nipple should be full of milk to assure no air contained.

    If mother only stuffs her nipple in but without areola, or the rubber nipple is with half milk and half of the air, when newborn sucking milk, the air can be easily inhaled at the same time. If too much air was inhaled and mixed with milk in the stomach, the gas would rise, belch would bring together with the milk, the newborn would vomit milk.

    3. Thirdly, after feeding milk, mother cannot let her infant sleep immediately on the bed, but should pick up him and put his head on the shoulder of mother, pats his back gently at the same time to make the stomach gas expel from the stomach. After baby eructs several belches, put it on the bed and let him lie on his right side. It is not suitable to let newborn lie horizontal because if he vomits milk, the milk will easily be inhaled into cavity or even trachea. The light one will cause pneumonia, and the serious one will cause respiratory tract asphyxia and death.

    Actually, infant vomiting milk is not always caused by the wrong feeding methods. Some of the pathological factors can also lead to sick up milk, such as stomach esophagus back-streaming, pyloric spasm, congenital hypertrophic pyloric, digestive tract obstruction, infectious disease, brain hemorrhage and so on.

    As a result, if infant vomiting milk is not caused by the improper feeding methods, parents should bring him to hospital in time to find out the reason, so that infant can receive targeted treatment as soon as possible.
  • I read most some forum mention to feed less on the milk volume but many times so your baby tummy can digest the milk. It helps for most of the babies. One thing for sure, do not lie down your baby flat once after feeding.
  • Restless night for me today .... cause need to clean his mess up and every 2 hrs listening to Dylan crying. Furthermore, today got back to back meeting till 6pm.
  • As usual, any mommies out there, any advice on this?
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