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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yve & Via Junior update

Junior Update:-
  • Yve and Dylan both are doing fine .... he's been drinking milk and poo-ing (smelly siul)
  • Tomorrow morning, will be doing normal routine check up with the gynae and baby doctor.
  • I am on paternity leave for this whole week.....will try my best to reply your comments and cbox messages.
  • Will update regularly with picture. Thanks once again for your concern and wishes :)


Lulu said...

I know Im late!!

I still wanna congrate u and welcome Dylan to the world~~

Plan2 create a facebook to him?haha....

vialentino said...

lulu: no worries, u r not late at all....i got facebook ler....can add me .... create fb for him...later no time for myself ler...sigghhh

Alvin said...

bro, u will have less and less time from now on ...haha..mayb no time to update this blog too!
anyway, enjoy every precious mmoment of your fatherhood. are you at home this weekend? wanna pay u a visit le..:)

Anonymous said...

haha poo poo..
have to bear with it la.. =P

Ning said...

congratz! u are a papa now wheee :) hope lil dylan stay healthy and grow strong strong muahahah :D

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