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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Team outing at Tony Roma's and Movie at Sunway Pyramid

Outing during working day, wat a nice feeling ...
  • Came in at the right time to work ... hehehe ... was my first outing with my team for the first quarter.
  • It was my first experience to eat in Tony Roma's too.

I really enjoyed the food here and the chit chat session ... i can tell u it is hard to gather everyone here to attend this outing as we are all tied with projects.

  • Every quarter we were given a budget to spent for team outing. The other teams did went for Tenji Japanese buffet and had BBQ session at their HOS house.
  • My team organize a lunch outing at Tony Roma's and Night at the Museum 2 movie.

The movie quite nice to watch .... not bad and luckily did not fall asleep after heavy lunch.
  • Here is my the happening SPMO team ... oh yes, there is one female only in my team.

Boss 'sek san' came late ... dats why got two version of pics .... one picture without boss and one group picture with boss.
  • What I can say that we over ordered .... and luckily we manage to finish most of the food.

The tall burger ...very nice burger. The big full loaf of fried onions ... maybe next time u can order a half loaf of onion as it is a bit 'jelak' feeling when u tend to eat much more.
  • The corn soup is nice. My colleague recommend their lamb chop too.
  • We ordered all the type of desserts ... seems we are too over enjoying eating.

Don't envy on the desserts ... very yummy-licious desserts ... my first time to eat so much varieties of desserts.
  • The side dishes which ordered by my boss ... very nice fried mushrooms and salad prawns...very nice...must order next time if u makan at Tony Roma's.

The prawns is fat and huge ... cant imagine my cholesterol level now.

  • The famous Tony Roma's pork ribs ....definitely a must try.
  • What I had?
  • I had pasta with lots of prawns...kekeke. Tend not to eat too much as need to prepare for my half marathon.

I thought pasta is a small portion but quite huge portion with many prawns sumore!
  • After the heavy meal, I phone Yve and told her no need to cook dinner as I need to skip dinner!


- c H i E n - said...


I must ask my dad to bring me there since I heard the food there is very pricey!!!

AND I HAVENT WATCHED NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2! HAHAHA! Gosh, I sound very pariah! But actually my friends haven't finished their exams yet!!

Nah~ I cannot be a cartoonist lar! Still amateur! tee hee hee! You also have lotsa time uploading photos mah! I usually schedule my posts! When I have time and inspiration altogether, I'll prepare a few posts at one go. =)

Lisa717 said...

i know i know where is this place!!! OMG~ all of those r superb tentalizing la!! It's impossible for me to go such place to makan ler cz the food sure damn expensive right?? anyway, i wan try the BIG fat prawn, the Burger, the lamb and etc etc!! muahahhaa...

Lulu said...

U or d foods make me feel like I wan2 join Digi?....haha!

Gonna review the movie?

renaye said...

ah! the food is too big portion for me! guess i can ta pau home for second round!

reanaclaire said... much like that? must be expensive... tony rama.. looks like u r over the sea with these type of western food.. looks good but i think i get full very fast, with all the cheese and fried stuff... really, this Digi is feeding u all well.. hahaa... so much food to eat ... nice company this Digi...

Ju Ann said...


Agnes said...

Never been to Tony Roma and already more than 5 years didn't went to cinema too..LOL

Anonymous said...

been ages since i last go there..
well u guyz really did over order itz alottt ;P but how could u manage to finish hehe

oh p.s. luv the dessert as always

uLi.佑莉 said...

I wanted to try the salad prawns long time back but still haven't got the chance le...

Agnes said...

I'm dying for that onion loaf!!!!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow the food looks good.! shrimp hmmmmmm...yummy! you r gaining weight via...i guess...hehehe
but we live only enjoy! happy eating ^_^

Angie Tan said...

Tony Romas... Aiya, I wanted to post some of my pics.. Wait, I did it liao. LOL!

Your outing, did you do it during the weekday or weekend?

I like to organize something for the team but it is hard to get everyone to go during the weekend...

Anyway, the onion loaf is yummy but very filling. Half-loaf is often enough.

Anonymous said...

i tired tony roma's once at cenileisure! nice food! =D

althou expensive.. haha =P

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