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Friday, June 19, 2009

Speak, Say, Shout, and Scream out your opinion

We need more Money, Naik Gaji + Kurang Harga Petrol & Tol

  • Who doesn't love money and need more money? Tell me if you are not a money lover! Tell me if you don't like to have your salary raised! Tell me if you like to see petrol and toll price keep increasing! ... do speak up if you love money and hope your company will raise your salary and pray that government will not raise petrol and toll price in future.
  • We know it is a bad and gloomy economy situation now. Therefore, we need more money to survive on our daily needs and to feed our family.

  • The statement above is my speak up as a citizen of Malaysia.
  • We can voice out in a smarter way than voicing out thru street protest.
  • How smarter way to voice out? Let me show u ->


  • You think I must be crazy to 'conteng' in a RM 50 note just to shout out my opinion ... you are totally wrong then! Instead I can be richer and stand a chance to win something
  • Don't trust me?
  • See below then ...

  • Smart a not? ... voice out thru DiGi MMS and not in a street protest! hehehe.
  • Very simple participation only ...
  • All you gotta do to take part in this contest is as simple as
    1. Snap a MMS about whatever you want to express and speak up to Malaysia in your most creative way.
    2. Send your entries to 016-6029788
    3. Now you are in the running to win fabulous prizes.

  • There are a total of 3 categories for this contest and let’s just say that if you’re a Nuffnang blogger, you’re eligible for the best prizes!

    Early Birds Category
    The first 100 bloggers who participate in this contest and blog about it will be rewarded with a pair of GSC passes to watch a movie of their choice!

    Be sure to send in the MMS to 016-6029788 and send an email to with the permalink of your blog post and the number that you used to send in the MMS.

    Most Creative Entry
    - Only eligible for DiGi users who have taken part in Early Birds Category
    - If your MMS and blog entry is deemed the most creative by DiGi, you’ll just find yourself RM3,000 richer in your wallet!
    - 4 runner ups will also be chosen by DiGi to win iPod Shuffles

    Public Category
    - Open to public (not necessary a blogger)
    - Just MMS your message to 016-6029788
    - There are 8 LG Cookie Touchscreen mobile phone to be won here!
  • For more details, click here to read

  • What are you waiting for ... Speak, Say, Shout and Scream via DiGi MMS and stand a chance to win RM 3k and fabulous prizes!
  • Time to Change Malaysia with your voices!


kinkin said...

hey via, totally support you on this. I love money too.

This is a cool contest and I need to change my celcom to digi now to join this contest.


wow I wanna join too :D hope to get it..

Louis Lee said...

Yeah.. money money come, don't need naik gaji also can't, just remove all the toll around klang valley, I think also save alot liao.. --- petrol price, but too sad, going to increase on 1 Sept..

money money come...

Anonymous said...

haha.. support all the best!
naik gaji, kuran harga petrol and tol! =D

p/s: thanks but im not participating.. lol.. im a hotlink user =P

YChien said...


Wah! I just saw the contest today and you're already participating it! So efficient!

And oh my gosh, I really salute you for getting your message across on a RM50 note!

I hope you win! All the best! =)

Kuntong said...

hmmm... conteng on the rm50 note is not a good way for me.. thr is many better idea i believe.
we nid to respect our money as well.
jz my opinion. cheers. =)

LittleLamb said...

LOL...did they put t&C? staff n family members of Digi cannot participate..include u?? heheehhe

80's Cherlyn said...


i love money too

Anonymous said...

i will try to think of something too.. itz look nice and interesting :)

Aeiween said...

Wah DiGi quite KENG! Thinking to change to DiGi also :p

cHrIstInA_YY said...

At first, I thought you were blogging something serious about politics... Haha! I used to be a Digi supporter too, hope u will the contest *winks*

cy lee said...

hey via, this is so creative. seriously i never thought of taking a money and writing on it to express it out. you seems very serious bout till write on the money.

i love money too and i want more money, higher salary and agree with you to reduce petrol and toll price!

hope u can win it!

uLi.佑莉 said...

bro, u are creative le...hope u can win!

Lisa717 said...

this is a cool contest n i m gonna participate in it!! btw...i gotta think think how shud I start~~ thanks bro for telling me on this!!

Anonymous said...

got the feeling that toll and petrol price will increase. By then, we need more money!

robert said...

creative! who doesn't love money at all.

Tammie said...

Haha many poeple love your idea :) good for you! I'm wondering if you can still use this rm50 note after u write on it... (?)

azizwan(dot)com said...

awesome speak up.. wish u good luck o.O

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