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Friday, June 05, 2009

Positive Parenting seminar at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

FOC Seminar - Positive Parenting ...
  • I used to go to training and technology seminar ... and can't imagine myself in a Parenting seminar.
  • Anyway, it is good experience and I really learned a lot bout parenting cause me and yve got no experience in this.
  • One word to describe it, parenting is not easy!

I love to go to this kind of seminar....firstly, it is free, secondly got goodies bag and free makan too....not bad rite!
  • Saw this GT car displayed outside at the hotel lobby .... one day I will test drive it!


fufu said...

the gt car... i wanna test drive it too... remember to call me out if you make it first ok? lol

uLi.佑莉 said...

Really did alot to prepare to welcome the new baby ya ;)

PureGlutton said...

Haha...there'll be more Baby & Parenting courses to attend in future, i'm sure!

Lulu said...

No photos of goodies and free meal?

Lisa717 said...

muahahha~~ agree with pic of the meals and goodies bag??

hmm..bro, it's a wise and good start that u went for such seminar which is good for you and your future kids as well!!

wish u all the best bro to be GOOD parent veli soon~ May God bless u and ur loved ones all the time..

Kevin said...

Wow, I love that GT car too

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