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Monday, June 15, 2009

Lunch at Vietnam Kitchen, One Utama Mall

Vietnamese food craving for lunch ...
  • One of the day where yve and myself were on leave ... we went to One Utama for shopping.
  • Here is what we had for lunch since we are craving for some asian food and we aimed at Vietnam Kitchen.

The drinks not bad ler....very nice and refreshing drink!
  • The drinks like the blended red bean with jelly on the above picture was good. The basil (above right picture) was very refreshing and nice too.
  • The food was ok and edible ... in fact for me, it is not one of the best vietnamese food served at here.
  • The beef noodle soup is not that strong as I ate at Vietnam before.

The price for the food is fairly reasonable...
  • What I like is their noodles .... very nice texture.
  • Soup is something I am dissapointed at.

Beef noodle soup .... taste ok but not the best ...


Lisa717 said...

hmmm~~ Vietnam food o..i never tasted b4 for me, it looks spicy..kakka..frankly speaking, i cant take spicy food o my dear bro~
anyway, thanks for sharing!! the 1 that i wanna tasted is the drinks!! looks superb attracting!!

Anonymous said...

wow nice..
i also never tried vietnam food before.. lol.. saw little vietnam at midvalley the other day.. but didnt try.. =)

uLi.佑莉 said...

ur fav beef noodle ya :) enjoy ur post!

EVo said...

i tried a beef noodle restaurant in tropicana city mall last time..i think it's called pho hoa. that one was very close to d vietnam one. i think also hungry liao :D

Ju Ann said...

looks yummy leh!! :) makes me hungry!

fufu said...

wow... i heart vietnamese food... wanna go back to vietnam just for the yummy dishes!!

foongpc said...

Their food not good? I thought they were pretty good last time I went though could not remember what I ate! Well, maybe the standard had dropped!

Aeiween said...

Oh Vietnamese food... Yeah last time i used to eat a lot because i was staying in Hanoi & Ho Chin Ming for couple weeks for work. First time eat still okay (very excited) but the longer time i stay there the more i sick >_<". LOL because their food all don't know just can't attract me much just got 2 things i like one is i like their Kuey Teow Soup, Vietnamese people called it "Fer" (if not mistaken :p) and other one is Spring Roll. Two of it i like the most! Well maybe is good time i bring my dear dear there. Ohya when you drink their soup feel thirsty or not? You know what Vietnamese people never put any MSG one all they used just the Chicken, Pork, Beef Bones to cook their soup that's why their soup from there will taste very sweet & delicious. Just For Sharing~ =)

LuLu said...

Im not a beef eater....

vialentino said...

lisa: yes...the drinks taste nice...wat a waste u cant take spicy food.

kenwooi: u can give a try...thou is bit expensive for noodle dish.

uli: yeah...i miss brickfields pork noodle more ler...kekeke

evo: yes...i tried that pho hoa at tropicana city mall...not bad too.

ju ann: when coming down to KL again?

fufu: envy u lah...can travel ere and there to try other countries food!

foongpc: i think drop ler...seriously not really enjoy the taste of it....a bit plain i would say

aeiween: wah...u really can remember a lot bout vietnamese food...anyway, nice of u to share ur info with me...when i read it, i also know bout it. extra knowledge to me.

lulu: aiyoh...let me convert u to beef eater ler! ehehehe

Aeiween said...

You're always welcome Via~ Is nice for sharing with friend especially we talking about the FOOD~~ for me nothing is better than that. HoHoHoHo~~

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