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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bak Kut Teh at Restoran Bou Zi Lam, Malim Jaya, Melaka

Nice and Yummy Melaka Bak Kut Teh with WIFI service!
  • Out of so many BKT restaurant I went to try in Melaka, even the famous and oldest BKT (Lim Kee) cannot fight with the taste of this BKT.
  • The name of the restaurant was unique too - Bou Zi Lam ... like the Wong Fei Hung movie, the Poh Chi Lam medicine center.
  • This restaurant is situated nearby the Malim Jaya food court.

  • The owner was from Klang and he is bringing Klang BKT taste to Melaka and indeed he succeed. During lunch time, it was packed with customer too.
  • And guess what, it was my first time to see a BKT restaurant with WIFI service!
  • It serves Dry bak kut teh as well

  • The ginger wine chicken was 'kao lat'.....the taste was so strong that I like the soup so much.

  • If you around in Melaka and craving for Bak Kut Teh, I recommend you this restaurant.
  • Btw, you can bring your notebook too since it got Wifi service!


LuLu said...

*record in my handy diary liao~ under WHAT TO EAT IN MELAKA!hehe...

Agnes said...

Ooo Wow~ delicious looking Bah Kut Teh and Wifi... so high tech haha

Lisa717 said...

wualamak!!! BKT again!!! my all time favourite la!! bro..u knw wat..everyweek i oso hunger for BKT and want to eat it once a week..hahahha..nez time i took the pic of the restaurant tat i always makan at ya!! hehehhe..

fufu said...

i heart dry bak kut teh
just had it first time in klang early of the yr... wow...damn so good =p

Anonymous said...

bro, no offense...but the dry BKT in klang does not look like that in might wanna go try-out in klang b4 u blog it out...thx =)

Angie Tan said...

Ooo... BKT @ Melaka. Mmm... Must suggest to the makan gang.

Anyway, I noticed the wi-fi sign too. Did you check it out? :P

Lately, I have craving for the pork fat in the BKT.. Hmmm.. This is bad. I must hit the gym hard!

Cindy Khor said...

i like the dry version, it somehow tasted richer, maybe because of its sauce gives the meat better coverage

vialentino said...

lulu: yeah, so far this bkt in melaka is one of the best one....klang taste one!

agnes: yaloh...canggih leh...bkt stall also got wifi now...sumore in melaka leh

lisa: yeah...u r pork lover ler....sure like bkt a lot one.

fufu: yes, i love dry bkt too....but eat too much also not good for body ler.

anonymous: klang bkt already tried many doubt they are still the best.

angie: no ler...din check out the wifi there....takkan bring notebook to online at bkt restaurant meh....a bit hot ler

cindy: yes....agree with u...taste richer for sure....very kao lat....

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