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Friday, May 08, 2009

Oldest Bak Kut Teh in Melaka at Restoran Lim Kee

Just Bak Kut Teh only ... they do not served vege or other side dishes ...
  • Was brought by my father in law to try this bak kut teh .... the oldest bak kut teh restaurant in Melaka.
  • As normal, it is packed with people and luckily we found a place. We place our order and thought they do served some side dishes like vege and etc ... and they told us they sell only bak kut teh.
  • After the meal, the boss came and greet my father in law and have a chat ... cause every morning, they went for tea drink together. We wanna give him some real taste opinion on bak kut teh.
  • What I can say that the Oldest Bak Kut Teh restaurant is not the Best Bak Kut Teh. Their soup is not that strong at all and the meat texture is a bit hard to chew. Not sure why so many people still come here and eat.

The yam rice is nice .... if u want a good bak kut teh in Melaka Town ... will intro u a new bak kut teh restaurant in Malim Jaya


fufu said...

yeah as what the signboard says...Bak Kut only bak kut teh =)


haha yea, at night got hawker cook one hehe..

foongpc said...

The oldest but not the bestest? : )

savante said...

Yeah it has been there for ages! Haven't tried it though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting food! I dont think we have that in the Philippines. :)

Lisa717 said...

BKT!!! My favourite eh!!!! I would love to have it everyday bt can't eh!! btw..hope I got the chance to makan there 1 day~~

Janice said...

wher is the shop huh?
in malim jaya which part?
i stay nearby for 7years ady..
bt dun kno ther is such a shop..

Rebecca Saw said...

hahah..mayb melaka no otr shop for BKT, or none within vicinity? or malaccans r not so fussy abt their food?

vialentino said...

hi allz...replied all in ur blogsite...hehehe.

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