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Sunday, May 03, 2009

My temporary job, Full Time Trader

Working 3 hours a day ...

  • My friend asked me, how can I survive without income as my baby coming to due in July, support my daily living expenses and loan payment ... hmmm, good question!
  • So let me share with you what I am doing lately ... I still woke up and switch ON my notebook before 9am.
  • Yes, become a full time trader at the moment ... since this is one of my interest. I am not good in stock analysis but I depends on many resources and informer. Obviously I will do some studies before dumping my money into it.
  • This is my 3 favourites counter of all time - RESORTS, IOICORP and GENTING ... good making money counters!

  • Since last week till now ... market is predictable for me and a good time to make money. I have been trading from 9am - 12pm and then do my own stuff after that.
  • Market been down lately and today surge up and closed at 24 points up. I believe many people make money when market is down badly.

  • After KLSE market gone wild and up 24 points last Thursday ... I believe this coming Monday (4/5) will be a mixed market in the first half session. Beware of the Swine Flu news!
  • It is the best time to buy when market opens and when the price went down. Buy before the price rebound back!
  • Please take a note, I might be wrong with my do not follow exactly ... just my point of view only.
  • Just remember this, you will never buy at the lowest price and will never sell at the highest price!

  • Success to Stock market investment is Buy low and Sell high and be PATIENT!
  • My rule of thumb when comes to stock investment:-
    1. Set an amount for investment which you willing to lose at no cost. Invest wisely with that amount.
    2. Buy when market drop and Sell when market up ... do not chase and buy stock when market going up.
    3. Do not trust words of mouth from people or forum ... do some research from reliable website and feel your sixth sense to buy/sell.
    4. Do not contra!
    5. Trust female views and listen to their opinion! Yve been helping me in trading and monitoring for me, their views quite accurate.


Agnes Cheong said...

walao ...u r brilliant!!!!

Ravi Kumar Vooda said...

all the very best.. after all recession is the best time to build a model portfolio.

Ravi Vooda

fufu said...

wow!! i always wanted to invist but have no time to follow the market since i will be jetting off again...
wait till i have settle down...will real look for you then =)

foongpc said...

Wow! This is your new full time job?

uLi.佑莉 said... much is your service charge? Fren fren can discount ar? :p

Anonymous said...

Yup, always trust the female views. My Mum too has been monitoring this for my Dad and hers is quite accurate!

LittleLamb said...

wah..can teach me???

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