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Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration at Kim Gary Restaurant, The Curve

My mother's day celebration with my beloved mom and family ...
  • Ooopsie, this is a belated post and it happened last Sunday weekend.
  • I remembered that my dad and mom would not spend money on themself for fine, cafe or any expensive dining cause they will save every penny to support our studies. Imagine I had my first sushi king during my college time and I need to fork out every cents from my savings box just to eat sushi king.
  • I told myself that once I got my job and start working, I will bring my mom and dad to celebrate at their dream restaurant to dine at.
  • My mom did not tried any Hong Kong cafe food before and I thought of bringing them to Kim Gary restaurant since I am a member and I got 50% discount for Mother's Day.

  • With that discount ... we ordered different kind of food variety and recommend my mom my favourite drink - Iced Ying Yong!
  • We arrived early at 11am and guess what, left only two empty tables and it was packed within 10 minutes later. Luckily we went there early cause I did not make any reservation.
  • We ordered lots of cheesie stuff since my dad and mom luv's to eat cheesie food a lot.

  • Yve ordered a mixed grill set since I myself did not try any western food in Kim Gary before....wanna take a bite from Yve's plate.
  • The assorted mushrooms taste nice too ... just the cheese is a bit watery only.
  • My dad and mom totally enjoy the food very much and believe me, they really can eat a lot like me....kekekeke

  • My favourite HK Cheese baked rice with white sauce .... is a must have when u dine in Kim Gary .... lots of other nice food such as the Fried Rice too! My mom's love it when she tried it. She takes every bite of the food!

  • Lastly, what ever food or place we eat and celebrate at ... as long our mother feels happy, that is the most important thing! Don't you agree with me?
  • Happy Mother's Day to my mom and I love you :)


Ju Ann said...

I heart Kim Gary too! Making me gian now!! :D

foongpc said...

Kim Gary is quite a good place to eat, well at least better than Wong Kok.

Btw, happy belated mother's day to your mom! : )

shufang(^o^) said...

happy belated mother's day yea!!

Lulu said...

My family was having dimsum breakfast. For me, every celebration I ll make it on breakfast or lunch to avoid crowd! haha....

I juz went to Kim Gary, MidValley yesterday~

Cindy Khor said...

awww...that's so sweet... now you made me miss kim gary... i tried baking cheese rice but umm, it didn't turn out that great..

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Yup totally agree with you!!! As long as we spend time with our mommy no matter where we celebrate she also will feel very happy and excited! :D She always said that if i will be good girl forever won't let her worry so much then she will feel more happy even i'm not celebrate Mother's Day with her! LOL ^_^"

fufu said...

kim gary is kinda oily!! wow 50%?? worth going there to celebrate mother's day!

i had my 50% meal at thai express with standchart credit card... =p damn cheap!!

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