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Monday, June 08, 2009

Letchia's farewell party at Red Box, The Gardens

Bon Voyage to my ex-boss ...

  • It was sad to know my ex-boss is leaving but yet will feel happy that she manage to get a job in aussie and reunite with her family there.
  • As usual the OD gang from Maxis has planned a farewell party for Letchia at Red Box @ The Gardens.
  • It was my first time to this high class karaok with buffet served.

  • It was a good time we had during the K session.
  • Obviously if you know me, I am not good in singing but one thing for sure I am good at - EATING lah!

  • I truly enjoy their food there .... lots of my fav food there.
  • I had few rounds of it cause it is just yummy and was feeling hungry that time.

  • Don't ask me how many rounds of food I had cause I lost count actually....hehehe

  • Lastly, my message to my great ex-boss .... been a nice working pleasure with her for all this while when under her for 2 years.
  • With her leadership, I manage to excel and grow in my career by getting the Maxis Spot Award and Maxis Departmental Award.


fufu said...

nothing can beat family... bet it's good for your ex-boss!!

uLi.佑莉 said...

wei, finally you post this ya...hehe! nice food pict ;)

Ning said...

lotsa foooood! and i saw PRAWNY *saliva* >.<

Lisa717 said...

wow wowo~~ yummy yummy food again o~~ hehehe..u made me feel wanna go Sing K now leh~~

Cindy Khor said...

i didn't know that red box serve nice food, cuz everytime i go there its like "yuck". you must be an excellent worker to get so many awards

Anonymous said...

red box at gardens?
expensive leh.
but i went there once only.. haha..
nice food..
im sure you enjoy yourself by screaming on the mic huh? haha.. =D

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

glad u had a great time! ohh...the food looks so yummy..

LuLu said...

I confuse...which one is letchia? hahaa....

and you really good in making people hungry~

Agnes said... box also serve nice can sing n eat together no bad hor...

Anonymous said...

good place.. :) i miss redbox hehe

wishing ur x-boss the best

foongpc said...

I've been at Redbox Gardens too. The food is not as good as Neway Karaoke. But you looks like you enjoyed the food! : )

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