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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Job Interview

Preparing for interview tomorrow ...
  • some job interview tomorrow, so will need to go thru and read back my CV to refresh myself.
  • I wish they can meet my demand as posted in The Best Job In The World

AUD 150k ... i wish to earn 6 figure salary per annum too ... go and visit their website and try to apply for this position.
  • Anyway, my demand is very simple compare to the Best Job In The World ...
    1. Permanent position
    2. Able to work from home
    3. 6 figure basic salary per year (exclude bonus)
    4. Over 40% basic salary increment since I am under paid for many years!
    5. House Loan Subsidy (RM 1.5k)
    6. Car Loan Subsidy (RM 700)
    7. 15km radius away from my home
    8. Flexible working hours and no filling in timesheet!
  • Hahaha, I know I am such a demanding employee ... dunno which company can fulfill my demands?
  • By the way, for my blogger friends esp those who is working ... What is your Job Benefit demand you expect from your work?


Lulu said...

Annual leave.

Private school teacher do not have any annual leave, is either unpaid leave or medical leave....

ok~although we have extra fixed school holidays...but sometimes emergency thing not happened right in school holiday~:)

Lulu said...


Private school teacher do not have any annual leave, (what we have is either unpaid leave or medical leave....)

Dhemz said...

wow Via, good luck....hope you will get the job! I thought you are going to take a vacation...hehehhe....short vacation indeed....:)

Angie Tan said...


Good luck in your search. Anyway, your requirements are pretty much the same like mine.

I would also like the option to work from home as I have parents to take care of. Frankly, I wonder if my new job is able to provide this option as I'm not a regular yet.

Anyway, ++ would be optical and dental and some places are starting to offer this.

One of my dream requirements was provided in my last job, i.e. annual leave 20 days but times are bad and they are shutting down my dept. LOL!

reanaclaire said...

can employ me to wash office or not... half the demands of yours also can already la...

hp84 said...

My demand:

1. 30 days leave per annum (just like my current job now).

2. Flexible working time, no punch card system please

3. 6-figure basic salary!

4. Scholarship opportunity for my children

5. Good and understanding boss. No bias

Jys said...

wah...and u said ur demand is simple? hahahahaha...

if possible, i always wanted to work from home too.. 6 figure salary? of cos i wish that too, but i know i'm not up to that yet lar. hehe..

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