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Friday, May 15, 2009

House of Zen's, My Cuisine at Bandar Puteri Puchong

31 dishes for 7 hungry eaters ... all just for RM 28.80++
  • Me and Yve passed thru this restaurant many times and we saw there is chinese ala carte buffet promotion ... RM 28.80++ per pax.
  • The ambience and interior design for this restaurant is modern and nice .... u feel comfortable when dining here .... a fabulous place for family dining.

The order receipts looks scary ler.... very long list of it ... the ambience is perfect for dining.
  • I would talk bout their waiter service ... need some bit of improvement on their serving and attention ... overall it is still ok.
  • Decided to go for it and called the hungry ghost people like johny, steven, linda, netcat, meowsou, yve and myself. I made a booking, luckily, else it is packed with people during dinner.

The hungry peoples ...
  • About the food taste ... we got no complaints bout the food taste at all except for the Seafood Shark Fin soup which is bit tasteless .... overall, the food taste is excellent!
  • You only can ordered the Shark fin soup once only .... when u dine in, they will served u a complementary duck dish ... taste yummy!

My favourite seaweed taufu is in the menu list .... yummy ler...we ordered two of this cause not enuff.
  • Till now, I still can't believe we sat there and eat for 2 hrs non stop and ordered 21 dishes.
  • My tummy really expanding fast now and how am I going to run for the KL marathon coming this June.

The sweet and sour 'Ku Lok Yuk' .... taste good ... the chicken dishes taste excellent too ... the meat is soft and cooked perfectly with the sauce.
  • Because most of the dishes taste so nice ... we keep on repeating some same dishes esp the steamed white fish, fried vegetables and prawns.

The noodles is a must try ... u will not regret it .... for the claypot taufu, it is filled with many seafoods like squids and prawns .... thumbs up!
  • We are delighted with the freshness of the food especially the fish fillet and the prawns ... big and fresh ... yummylicious ler!

Obviously, these are my two favourite dishes .... prawns and steamed white fish .... damn kao nice ler...
  • What I can say, it really worth your money for this kind of chinese cuisine dishes. Imagine you have to pay for a steamboat buffet or Shabu Shabu buffet which cost u RM 25 per pax and this is just RM 28.80++ per pax only.
  • Guess this restaurant has improved a lot after reading some bad comments bout it. Give a try and let me know your feedback.


Angie Tan said...


Wah, the prawns look nice!! Hmmm, really got to start exploring the food opportunities around Puchong.

Cindy Khor said...

its so worth it. i'm definitely gonna try when i get back to m'sia. looks really yummy too

yvonne said...

Hey Via. can i know at bdr puteri puchong where? shabu shabu there? or?

Anonymous said...

simonsays : hei, how come when we went there a mth ago, the food is not so good ler. Order duck, they gv duck backside & few pieces of meat. Fish also no taste. Only prawn is ok. Not good ler, even my friends also want 2 cabut quickly. But, ur pics do look good. Mayb they change, but my wife said no more 2nd time.

vialentino said...

angie: yes...puchong is becoming a food hub....bigger than ss2 and PJ i would say

cindy: yes...u can try...make sure dun eat lunch ler and save the best for the dinner

yvonne: yes...behind the shabu shabu that row....same row with the new Maybank.

anonymous: yeah, in fact i read the comments last year that the food quality is not good, service is slow and they dun have chef....but then got some good recommendations , so gave it a seems not bad and we enjoyed it. just the service of the dishes a bit slow...

fufu said...

wow...never been to puchong! anyway 28.80 for those food... worth it man!!

::. Anton ::. said...

My 1st trip to your nice blog :)

Wow! looks great. Will surely try it since the only place i've been going to when in Bandar Puteri has been Mizi Shabu. Thanks. ^_^


uLi.佑莉 said...

oooo...this kind of buffet guess ngam our OD Gang very much leh...

iamthewitch said...

Great to know more and more food places are mushrooming in Puchong! I'll definitely visit this place one day, but I think it would only be worth it if we go in a group of 6-8 people eh? If only 2 persons, it won't be that worthwhile due to the limited choices one can stomach!

thenomadGourmand said...

i agree with iamthewitch.. hv to go in a grp to sapu all tht!!

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