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Monday, May 04, 2009

Farewell Lunch Treat By Raymond at Restoran Siu Siu, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri

Thank you to Raymond and ex ISD-MAS team for everything ...

  • Woke up early in the morning today just to blog about this event while my colleagues will be busy shifting floor today. I will be at IBM Plaza this afternoon for my exit sign-off with the HR and as well to return my IBM Notebook, Amex Card and ID card.
  • Before I begin to write my long story about this team ... let me introduce you this cheap and nice restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. It was Raymond (my ex-boss) who suggested this restaurant and I wanna personally thanks him for this lunch treat.
  • This restaurant served very good and yummy food. The location of this restaurant is a bit secluded as this restaurant located at the road side near to Tien Hoe temple.

happy team members ... MAS = Mischiveous And Sarcastic team ... hehehe

  • You can try some of their highly recommended dishes as shown below.
  • Sorry ler, written in chinese ... dunno how to translate it into English but picture will tell you wat sort of dishes you should tried.

I will come back to this restaurant to eat the claypot crab ...

  • Ho Chiak ... one word to explain all the dishes below.

Now you know why I am gaining weight ... the pork knuckles, taufu and veges is superbly nice especially the pork knuckles is served with lime and sour sauce ... the taste is so different and yet so yummy with this sauce.

  • Is the dish called Ham Yu Far Lam Poh?

I love this a lot ... cooked till perfection ... the picture speaks everything for it.

  • Pork Ribs ... Raymond mention that he ordered wrongly as the pork ribs should be a shorter version and not this long bone version ... this pork ribs taste good too.

You will for sure suck the bone until dry dry ler.... the bone itself also taste sweet...

  • Fried Squid with Salted Egg ... this is the best dish of all ... of course the highest cholesterol too. But can't resist it and put cholesterol a side.

Remember to call this dish ok .... must try!
The fried sotong is not really that salty ... just taste nice and equally.

  • This fish dish cost a bomb to your money ... the fish 'Yeh Lui' is served with the fish scales attached with the meat itself ... don't know I spelled and pronounced the fish name correctly a not....please correct me yeah.
  • All you need is just suck or scrap the meat out from the fish scales. I love sucking the fish meat out from the scales.

This fish is so fresh ... just my advice to you ... do not eat the middle part cause got lots of small bones ...

My Beloved ISD MAS Team ...

  • In my 9 years in Maxis, I would say this is the best team and colleagues I have ever worked for! Even my wife admit that for me. She knows it is hard for me to quit Maxis if not because of this team.
  • There is one thing special thing bout this team .... We don't treat each other as colleague but we treat each other as a family member and a close friend. Whenever there is problem, we will resolve it together and when there is rumors, we will gossip together!
  • My journey in this team has been fabulous and fantastic ... till now, I got no complaint about it. Under the leadership from Victor Lee (ex-boss), Peck Leng and Raymond Lim ... I've gained a lot of working experiences and I bet the team members would agree as well.

Having this lunch session with you all, really makes me sad to leave you all ... sighhh :(

  • To end my blog post ... I would like dedicate each personal humor message to them.

    Raymond: As Letchia mentioned, you groomed me from an innocent boy to a playboy in the office under your boot camp training. Thanks a lot and we shall keep in touch always ... I remembered what you did to me in Centro Bar.

    Peck Leng: Thank you for the support and opportunity given to me all this while. You are a great HOD to the MAS team which makes us very close and really work as a team. Wish your retirement plan will come true fast ... no need to wait till mid 40's!

    Loke: I will miss the time having breakfast with you & your kopi-o ... don't feel lonely without me as I have leave some condoms for u to use. Don't get wet because of missing me too much!

    John Kelvin Khoo: When are you going to invite us to your new place? ... If I got any BMW news and update, I will let you know. Will miss your beemer ride ... like fast and furious ... I love it!

    Yoon Mooi: Becareful at the LRT station since I am not there to accompany you to go back to Bukit Jalil station. We shall meet again probably as your vendor :)

    Mandy: I got one KPI which I haven't achieved yet ... making u drunk ... hope there is another drinking session organized. Saw your husband that day ... asked him to keep secret, hahaha. Why he don't believe me that I am jobless!

    Amanda: Remember to invite me for your wedding yeah! I shall come to eat and 'drink' with you .... make sure u got enuff drinking training from Raymond or Loke. If those 'wolves' kacau u, do let me know ... I will tame them down.

    Alvin: We can always meet each other as we live nearby only. We shall organize more drinking session at your place.

    Daniel: This bro...nothing to say cause every Tuesday, we will meet each other for badminton and weekend for yum char with Alvin as well.

  • Lastly, wish them all the best in their career in Maxis & IBM .... Stay United!


fufu said... favourite!!! too sad the seafood in kk was too expensive! otherwise i would have eaten few kilos...

Agnes Sim said...

yoyo..all foods look yummy...lao hao sui lo...

Agnes said... delicious!!

helena said...

hey via, you really making me feel hungry now. nice food there!

Henry LeE ® said...

restaurant siu siu... the name so funny.. but there's a lot of seafood variety there oso ar... not bad... issit exp?

Lisa717 said...

hahahah~~ yawor..Siu Siu sounds girlish + cute leh~~ sedap leh all of the foods!!!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wooooow! my mouth waters with those good looking foods! whew! looks yummy huh! wow squid! i love seafoods ^_^

Ju Ann said...

Wah your KPI includes making people drunk one ah?!


Where is Restaurant Siu Siu?

Josephine said...

I have eaten in this restaurant before.

Beware of Snatch Thieves!!!!!

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