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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinner at Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant, Sri Petaling

Fusion Food in conjunction to celebrate my new Digi job
  • Me and Yve craved for Fusion food suddenly ... Yve did some search and found this restaurant in Sri Petaling.
  • Roughly I know where is it located. Taking the guts to drive without the map to the cafe ... was a bad decision ... I drove two rounds passing the restaurant without noticing it cause the signboard light is off and not noticeable.
  • The cafe and restaurant served different flavor of food from few countries like Vietnam, Russia, Japan, Korea, western etc. Once you stepped into the cafe, they will greet u in Japanese to welcome u.

  • I ordered the Pan-Fried Dory Tower as it is their signature dish in the cafe ... it cost RM 18.90 only ... cheap rite for the beautiful presentation and portion below. It's also recommended in Ho Jiak!
  • The dish came beautifully presented, layer by layer to form a tower. The foundation is made of Onigiri rice, a little bit like sushi rice. Between dory fillets, there are 2 pieces of biscuits, similar to cream crackers.
  • The dory fillets were nicely done...soft and feels the meat is very fresh.

Pan Fried Dory Tower ... the decorations are entirely edible as well, there's a piece of tempura'ed leaf, pastry stick, onion ring, deep fried lotus, potatoes and brocollies.
  • Vietnamese Baked Mussels ... this is one of Yve favourite dish and mine too ... consider as one of the best baked mussels in town.
  • The taste was so uniquely and the top was crispy when u bite it. The mussles is superbly fresh!

Vietnamese Baked Mussels ... RM 11.90 only... cheap and nice ler!
  • Just want to talk bout their Onigiri Rice, some sort of japanese sushi rice which is fried in a cube shape.
  • The taste of the rice was tasteless but u can feel it taste like sushi rice. You can find the Onigiri rice in most of the main course meal.

Onigiri rice...can find in every main course meal ... quite filling...not bad taste too.

  • Yve ordered Japanese Grilled Smoked Duck (RM 19.90) as her main course.
  • The appearance itself already raise ur appetite. The taste is good, and uniquely special .... the duck meat was not oily or greasy at all.
  • When you have the first bite into your mouth with the sauce ... the feeling is like, you will definitely ask for more

This dish is feeling ... verified by Yve aka pregnant mom ...
  • We ordered this Unagi Rice Noodle Roll for our appetizers.
  • The Unagi Rice Noodle, superbly yummy and me & yve love this a lot.
  • Nice! There's no real unagi though, I suppose it's just a name to depict the dish as it looks like Unagi....furthermore, when u eat it, the sauce will makes u feel like eating a real Unagi.

There are shredded carrots and rice noodles wrapped with seaweed, deep fried and topped with a dollop of mayo and some ikura.

  • The dishes are very affordable with its lunch menu from RM 5.90 to RM14.90. Other ala carte items are less than RM20 for the main course.
  • I really like the effort of the people behind Fusion Haven trying to offer fine dining food like 5-Star hotel for normal cafe price.
  • It's just what we need in these times where "cost-cutting, global economy crisis, no money..." are the most commonly used vocabulary in our daily lives.


Veronica said...

hey via, the dish consider very cheap for the presentation and the portion.

Jason said...

I been here before at Sri Petaling right. It is a nice place to dine and the price is very cheap for those kind of meals.

vialentino said...

veronica: yeah...i read some good comments on this give a try.

jason: yes, i will definitely go back there again to try other dishes.

claire said...

wei..2 orang boleh habis ni semua? oh.. forgotten ada via junior.. ok..justified then...

fufu said...

nice food =p

vialentino said...

claire: can ler...dat time feeling hungry.

fufu: yeah bro...

MiChi said...

wow! really unusual!
should try out on my birthday...haha

Lulu said...

The food are resentable n so artistic!

i oso wonder " 2 orang boleh habis ni semua? " ... wonder how hungry both of u were....

Ju Ann said...

hey via looks yummy leh! :)

so how are you!!

Anonymous said...

the place defly look nice.. if i got time would go and try it out but need the road map for this im sure heheh

and the price not that expensive too

thenomadGourmand said...

sri petaling has much to offer!! and so much cheaper than KL side! now we hv ur food posts back, with the suspense of ur new job over? ;)

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