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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog it all out

My personal life update as of today
  • Oh boy, I have been missing out lately and really miss blogging so much.
  • Probably u notice I have not been replying my cbox messages so frequent and post comments and even new blog post ...
  • Firstly, I would like to say sorry to my wife cause even at home, I got no time to take care of her and talk to her too (imagine how pressure am I)
  • Secondly, sorry to my readers that I did not blog and post it everyday and help u to give u some smile clicks.

What happen to me recently ...

  • Entering my 3rd week of work in my new company ... here is my weekly update:-
  • Week 1: Was a honeymoon period for me in DG.
  • Week 2: Was a hell for me .... taking 3 projects and one of it is a major project with tight timeline.
  • Week 3: Was a nightmare for me ... preparing for presentation and vendor negotiation.

Why Hell & Nightmare for me ...

  • Been assigned to manage this big Project X ... tough dateline and big cost and high expectation
  • My first management presentation with the project team was a disaster. I have been roasted like a suckling pig during the presentation.
  • With that, me and my project team have to work daily and weekend and late night to negotiate with the vendor and to prepare the facts for the next management meeting.
  • For the past 1 week, I can tell u none of us can sleep and eat properly as we cannot fail to get approval to get the investment.
  • I have been conferencing with the foreign vendor and bosses been emailing each other during morning 2 - 5am....imagine that!
  • Everyday when my colleague saw me, they say I look so stress and busy with meetings....they pity me as a newbie here.
  • Sad case, this is one battle I have won and there is the next big battle which is to present to the CEO for his signature.
  • I really expose and learn a lot by leaving my comfortability in Maxis previously .... this is something I have not experience as a real PM to present your entire project to the top management to get their buy-in.

The feeling of winning ...

  • After today's presentation ... I did nearly want to cry cause of over joy.
  • Many praises and makan treat throwing towards to me and the team. Firstly, my big boss treated me & team for lunch.
  • Anyway, most importantly, this is not my personal glory but is the team glory ... really appreciate and wanna thanks for their support from procurement, commercial, marketing, technology strategy group, service planning platform & PMO who supported me from behind and helping me out. Thank you to my team



Great see positively, You learned new stuff in DG.

vialentino said...

ahmike: yup....working life is not easy after all...lots of unexpected challenges...

Unknown said...

OMG~~ wat a nightmare!

Good luck to you my dear bro^^

Though it's hard bt you can learn lot of things in btw!!

Show your hidden strength to them that you can perform well!!

ALL the Best n God bless~~

Andy Lai Ser Wei said...

wow... i cannot hold this type of job la... so stressful,i pengsan first... now i know u r so capable ....keep up the good work!

fufu said...

good!so proud of you bro!!! keep it up...sure you will be somebody someday ya!!! and dont forget me then!! ok?? gotta "dai hit" or "guan jiu" me ok??

Agnes said...

Keep the good work!! thumb up for u!!

Twilight Man said...

Luckily you posted this blog coz i wanted to boycott you lah!.... Just kidding. What are you selling now?

Aeiween said...

Yeah by reading your blog feel you getting more mature! LOL! I think you work in DG actually can bring you lots of challenging and also stress! But what to do? Everything has the pay off as what we said NO PAIN NO GAIN! So hope you will do your BEST and show them!!!! GAMBATEH! JIA YU! Say hi to your wife from me ya! HeHe ^_^

Angie Tan said...

I've been looking for small wins too. Hehee... Especially when I'm doing the component where the stuff hasn't been confirmed yet.

Like you, my colleagues also said, "Haiiz, your vendor not signed yet, so how?".

Anyway, have to just do my best and take it one day at a time. My honeymoon period ended during my 1st week....

vialentino said...

lisa: the journey is still long to go but thanks for ur support.

andy: yeah....kena spank in the meeting....hahaha

fufu: dun think so ler...i want a simple working life ler.

agnes: thanks a lot.

twillight: wahsei....dun boycott me lah....i also wanna blog but too tired ler after work.

aeiween: yaloh....really working here got may new exposure ler....esp talking to senior management team.

angie: i know ur situation in ur new company...kekeke....but soon u will get used to it.

thenomadGourmand said...

hohoh..and i tot ur havin a blast in DIGI! cos of all ur last few posts abt the enviro, the cafe, the food! ehehhe..
well..challenges are alws good ehh, giv tht spark/zap back to life!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Sounds damn stress and scarylerrr.. you job :(

I'm going through rough times myself so Gambate to everyone who is working hard to progress!

And impress... I guess... LOL

hp84 said...

First of all, congratulation for your glory in your first ever task in ur new company.

I find that your job is quite challenging. Hoping that I can get such job in the future :)

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