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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's my plan after IBM?

I can forsee the road is still blur and foggy ahead ...

  • My colleagues been interrogating me deeply, and friends been asking me lots of question and hoping me to fall for the trap to reveal my after IBM life.
  • Gosh, I can't believe that my colleagues even BET where I will be heading to ... wanna know what's the winning prize ... kekeke.

The most handsome looking males in Maxis is all right here!

  • This is some of their assumptions made by my colleagues & friends:-
    1. Celcom (2 ppls voted)
    2. Digi (1 ppl voted)
    3. Ericsson (3 ppls voted)
    4. Umobile (1 ppl voted)
    5. Syniverse (1 ppl voted)
    6. Acision (1 ppl voted)
    7. Barclays (5 ppls voted)
    8. Own business (7 ppls voted)
    9. Changing Worlds (1 ppl voted)
    10. HP (1 ppl voted)
    11. CIMB / Banks (1 ppl voted)
    12. Intec (1 ppl voted)
    13. Huawei (no way for me coz I can't read chinese!)
    14. Nokia Siemens Network (no experience in this area, totally out)
    15. Dell (1 ppl voted)
    16. Mobile Content Providers (2 ppls voted)
    17. Jobless (1 vote, I voted myself for this)

  • Someone mentioned that they saw me in Cyberjaya .... aiyoyo ... I was having lunch with yve.
  • Stop guessing ler ... What I can say is yve and myself would only know. Truthfully, I am also eager to know where am I heading to as well since I will be taking week(s), month(s) or more to relax first.

The girl's power in Maxis ISD ...

  • Maybe I will start looking for job after growing enuff mushroom at home. Definitely, I will need to work to earn money since I will be daddy soon **big BIG HINT!


thenomadGourmand said... guess is that ur gonna be house-husband! (tats why the recent makin wantan, soya bean period right??) LOL

Lulu said...

So interesting~~:P

VHanded Cheepeng said...

so free ar... vote for next company haha.

Cindy Khor said...

hopefully your future would be brighter than being in IBM. I'm pretty sure you could make the most out of it (although I'm nor sure what).

Anyway, remember to keep us informed!!! ^__^

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi via, hope you will have a good future. don't stop...soar high!.

congrats for being a daddy by the way. R you pretty excited about it? ^_^

shufang(^o^) said...

gambate..good luck yea~~:>

Anonymous said...

ahh you stopped your work?
wishing you all the best in your future undertakings ya! =D

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...are you planning on moving to states? or somewhere...then start your own busines..or how about work at home....stay at home dad...just kidding...hehehe....:)

I just can't know where are you heading...hehhehe!

Vivien said...

wah, you want to make ppl excited guessing izzit? hahaha

johnybravo said...

EH, bro make sure the only thing you will grow is mushrooms and not your tummy. kekeke

vialentino said...

thenomad: that one i did it for interest ler...wanna learn and explore the taste and ingredients mah.

lulu: yeah, worse n funny part is the betting.

cheepeng: hahaha...ok

cindykhor: sure sure...i will ler....i wanna grow mushroom at home first.

meryl: sure, thanks a lot. yeah, i am pretty excited bout it

shufang: thanks a lot ler...need that a lot. hope when i apply new job, i can faster get a job.

kenwooi: yeah, stopped work at the bad time rite...hehehe...taking huge gamble.

dhemz: planning move to states...i hope i can get an oversea job which is my dream...then yve no need to work and can take care of my still dreaming of that day....

vivien: actually is nothing to excite...just dunno y why my colleagues and friends are so curious where am i heading too...sumore, i resigned during economy crisis....

johny: hahaha...basket...just to let u tummy is and eat ler...damn it...staying at home is not a good choice ler.

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