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Monday, April 06, 2009

Thai food dinner at Khunthai Restaurant at Section 5, Petaling Jaya

Another best thai food restaurant found in Petaling Jaya ...
  • Recommended and brought by Johny. Thumbs up to Johny's recommendation!
  • We have early dinner at 6.30pm cause we did not booked. My advice better booked cause by 7.30pm, it is fully occupied!
  • It is not difficult to get there if u know where is Taman Petaling School....just turn left in if you are coming from University Hospital towards La Salle school. It’s right behind the park that hosts a bird event every weekend.

    Khuntai Restaurant
    6 Jalan 5/44
    Petaling Garden
    Off Jalan Gasing
    Petaling Jaya

The food hunters and eaters ... shirlyn, stephanie, wanlin, johny, netcat, meowsou, yve and myself. dae and fanny was outstation and sam could not make it cause of ching ming.

  • We ordered the set meal which is RM 188 nett which comes free special drinks and unlimited refill of white rice!
  • It can cater for 8-10pax but I would recommend the food will be nice for 8 pax ... cause since we got 3 guys and 5 girls for the dinner ... the 3 guys will be suffering to finish the food. Luckily we got netcat and Johny to finish it off ... hehehe
  • Sounds very worth it right .... now, let u see the dishes below if you think it is worth the price.

Remember it is RM 188 nett ... I would say will be just nice for 8 pax with 3-4 guys in the table .... if all 8 males, don't think it is enuff.
  • We started off with the appetizer dishes.
  • Mieng Kam ... our starter dish ... an authentic thai dish.
  • Just pick and mix from a selection of toasted coconut flakes, chopped bird eye chilies, young ginger cubes, chopped shallots, cut lime cubes, toasted peanuts and toasted dried shrimp. Put them on top of fresh betel leaves, spill the sauce made from maltose and fish sauce and fold it. Have a full bite into your mouth and the taste is just wonder.
  • The deep fried kangkong was fantastic and a dish to remember for me. The leaves of the water spinach is deep fried and tastes like Japanese tempura. It is not oily at all

The spicy mango was not that spicy after all ... taste nice with the ikan bilis and ground nuts ... something special and unique ....

  • We were stunned by their drinks .... it was a blended star fruits (very kao) in thai style served in Guiness rock glass.
  • The steamed fish is served in a metal food warmer and kept hot using charcoal underneath and not candles .... taste superbly nice with the charcoal smell.
  • The tomyam is extremely flavorful - lots of prawns, fish meat and sotong inside.
  • What I can say that all the dishes taste extremely delicious ... will bring my friends and family to eat here next time.

The green curry chicken was absolutely green and the taste is amazing ... strong curry and santan taste .... remember next time don't eat too much rice ... save some space for the belacan fried rice.
  • This is my favourite dish .... Seafood Otak-Otak ...
  • Normally otak-otak is wrapped in leaf but this is with aluminium foil.
  • Lots of fish meat, prawns and squid stuffed into it and the otak otak taste very nice ler. I don't mind to eat few of this.

One of the best otak otak in aluminium foil ...
  • With 3 guys and 5 girls, I would say we incredibly finish all the dishes for 10 paxs.
  • The tom yam soup also drink until dry dry ... must be netcat sipping it bit by bit.

What a satisfying meal and cheap meal and delicious meal!
  • I am a thai food lover ... I must say that this set meal is very worth your money. I would also say that this is one of the best Thai restaurant which served nice thai food and cheap!


fufu said...

you guys finished all huuh? the plates so clean one... =) yeah can imagine those food are nice there

Joyce said...

wah.... looks sooooo nice!! i must go try one day...

Josephine said...

wow I love thai food!
Will try it one day.
Thanks for sharing.
Near which part of jalan gasing?

Anonymous said...

why the two girls dress up so beautiful while the rest wear very normal?

Lulu said...

Besides nice foods, I spot lengluis too.

Errr...agree wf the anonymous bt d contrast of d outfits...:Phehe....

Agnes said...

wow..delicios food!!!

:: Sam :: said...

Did i miss something?

foongpc said...

Looks delicious! Will give it a try! But big eaters like me enough or not? Maybe should limit to a group of 8, where half of them will not be big eaters!

Do they also have set for say, 5 people?

RuRu Jane~ said...

Via.. next time I wanna join can?! >.<

Dhemz said... is indeed the best resto in town...hehhee..looks like everybody are full....hehhehe..the plate was empty....never had thai food yet....wish to have it someday....:)

levian said...

oh gosh, the food is again so alluring! even with a full stomach after lunch, i am still craving for it. XD

Anonymous said...

this is so thai food .. luv what i see and will get one soon :P

kcatwoman said...

you guys seem to be eating all the time! haha. btw,those food look great!

elle said...

looks yummy...makes me hungry nw =P

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