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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Supper at RM3 Cafe Express, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Late night supper at RM3 Cafe Express ...
  • Me and yve wanted to try this cafe for long time after they have change name from Sambal Sushi. As I predicted, Sambal Sushi business will not last long cause it is too expensive, normal sushi and not tasty and bad service staff.
  • I am not sure whether is it still the same owner .... but what I can say, that they did a great job to re-brand their menu, price and cafe name.
  • This is the food I had at 11pm after my heavy dinner at 8pm ... dun be shock ... me greedy boy ler~i know.

Their drinks, Hokkaido Ice Tea and Emerald Hot tea ... nice to drink ... must try! The ambience and decoration inside is creative and unique.
  • Wondering how come 2 persons but ordered 3 different foods? Cause it is cheap ....
  • Yeah, blame the price...cause it cost RM 3 for each dish!

The fried rice with salted fish .....hmm.... wat i can say that the rice is a bit cold ... dun think it is cooked when ordered .... bout the taste, is very normal .... my wife fried rice is better than this.
  • What I enjoyed the food here the most is this ... Chee Cheong Fun with their own mushroom gravy sauce.
  • Importantly, it is served hot.

I must say it is worth RM 3 ... I will go back for this again!

The fried noodle taste ain't good either ... it is still edible but not the best fried noodle.

  • Overall, they would still need to improve on their taste and the food portion ... maybe it cost RM 3 per dish but doesn't mean that ingredients and portion need to be reduced as well.
  • I love their Chee Cheong Fun and drinks ... it is a good place to hang out with your friends for coffee drinks. It is cheaper to drink here than drinking at Station 1 Cafe.


Unknown said...

wow! so cheap. k la, wait my bf bac from uk, then bring him there.. erm, it's juz around bdr puteri puchong there rite?

MiChi said...

RM3, can't expect much... even old town white coffee also increase their price until like what... used to be RM1.50 .. now RM3...sigh

anyway, would want to try the RM3 coffee shop as u recommend.. :)

Lisa717 said...

I like this post!!
Though the food not really look superb tasty bt it's damn worth for RM3..unfortunately, it's located at Puchong..sad~ can't go ler..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah, really worth it leh...I wanna try in one day too :)

foongpc said...

Oh, thanks for the recommendation! But for me, not worth going cos too far, unless I'm already in that area! : )

Ju Ann said...

wah this is so cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow via, food/resto review always make me hungry.ehehehe.. i'm pretty sure your wife is a better cook ^_^

Twilight Man said...

This is so bloody cheap and i thought you are pulling my legs & underwear. LOL... lucky go friend confirm it is true. I wanna GO!!!

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