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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My semi-retirement week 1 plan

27/04/2009 - 03/05/2009 ...
  • I already plan my weekly doings for the entire month till May ... let me share my week 1 plans for this week.
  • This will really keep me busy for the whole week

    1. Gardening ... need to trim my bonsai
    2. Wipe fan blades and clean air-conditioner filter
    3. Room cleaning
    4. Baby cot setup
    5. Project Spagetti Carbonara by me
    6. House Cleaning
    7. Tea time with friends


Rebecca Saw said...

ok, count me in for Proj Carbonara and tea time w frens ;p
Hey, talkin abt cabonara, thr is this plc in 32 Square PJ, Coconut Hse, owner boasted to me that he prep his cabonara THE authentic way, no cream used. Wanna chk it out?

Jys said...

this is the best time to rest (after resign and before starting a new job) cos it's really ur stress free time. totally no stress from work!

Lisa717 said...

good to see this!!
brota~ Gayao gayao in ur plan!!
i m sure you can achieve your dream!!
God bless you~~

Angie Tan said...

Sounds like a plan. So, you're on holiday before you start your new job?

That's good. :-)

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