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Thursday, April 02, 2009

My first day as IBMer

Welcome gift for Maxis-IBMer's ....

  • 1st April 2009 ... a April Fool's day but it ain't an April Fool's day when I am officially crowned as IBMer.
  • In the morning when I arrived in my office ... saw many balloons floating in the office. Then saw the balloons tied to a bottle of Sparkling Red Grape drink.
  • Let me share my story and feeling when me turning to IBM.

    9 years in Maxis and my first job till now ... if you asked me do i feel sad to leave Maxis? I will definitely say YES and I can't deny dat. Feeling sad to leave such a great corporate in Malaysia. But if you asked me do i feel regret ... I would say NO cause after my 9 years of experience in telco, I find I have learned so much in here and it have added a great value and experience for me to explore outside from Maxis. By joining IBM, it beautify my CV too. IBM is a globally well-known corporate. I remembered during one of my interview with Barclays (UK) ... I told them I worked in No.1 Telco company in Malaysia ... they were like 'huh' ... what local company is it? ... I was like - GOSH and then I told them I will be joining to IBM soon and they were like 'Oooh, IBM ... I know IBM'. This is the difference ... a well recognized international and local company.

    When the Maxis and IBM partnership was announced early January 2009 ... all the ISD staff were feeling afraid of their job security and uncertainty in the future. As time passes by and many workshop had been conducted by IBM, all the Maxis ISD staff was convinced in the end to join IBM full heartedly after I have seen and heard from the staff during the Welcome Event. I myself feeling excited and happy bout it.

    I would say most of us got no regrets feeling after today as we can see our future in IBM. Despite the global economy crisis and job economy instability .... we should feel lucky enough to join IBM. Here are some of the benefits in IBM that we should be grateful for:-

    1. Years of service in Maxis is recognized and a permanent position in IBM.
    2. x amount increase of basic salary despite other company announced retrenchment, pay cut and unpaid leave.
    3. x amount of ex-gratia to be paid to Maxis staff who move to IBM...extra bonus and income.
    4. EPF income increased significantly.
    5. Got house and car loan subsidy to reduce our loan burden...we don't get this in Maxis!
    6. The best part for me is that my baby delivery fees is covered ... I can use the delivery money to buy pampers and milk.
    7. Importantly despite all the money and benefits, there is lots of opportunity to grow in IBM.

  • With all this benefits, I think we can say that we are no longer worried as previously. Even those who retained in Maxis, 7 of the staff request to move into IBM.

A good start feeling and a day as an IBMer .... this is something nice to celebrate with my wife tonight...

  • I would need to return my old ID access tag after my 9 years of service in Maxis.
  • In the return, I got my new Maxis ID access tag with additional title on it 'Maxis Partner'.
  • During the welcome event at One World Hotel, I got my new IBM ID access tag, a box of business name card and some freebies such as IBM notebook bag, IBM recycle bag and engraved personal name at the name card holder.

I realized I look so chubby during my days in Maxis and my hair is so ugly....

  • Anyway, Do I look 'leng chai'-handsome in my new IBM tag compare to my Maxis tag?

Note: My next post will be on IBM Welcome event @ One World Hotel and IBM Plaza Office Tour ... stay tune for it


Twilight Zone said...

Have fun working in your new grounds. You can donate your old tag to Muzium Negara! Wow, just 1 company in your CV???
I have worked for 15 companies in my life. What a bad staff, you might guess? Good luck Johnson!

Ashleyteng said...

IBM? the one in cyberjaya? so cool eh... =)

:: yvonne :: said...

wow!!!! a big big big congratulation to u!!!!

Josephine said...

wei, congrats and good luck ya, johnson!

Anonymous said...

johnson :) ur chines name similar to ur english name ... nowww i knw hehe :P coool :)

hey yesterday i saw aloottttt of people come for the tour.. not sure did u come up to level 12... hehe i was laughing that the put the sign up team E n B hehe

like those students come for tour :P

anyway welcome to IBM and you look way better in IBM-mer tag *wink*

Jocelynlai said...

hi hi..
u looks good in the IBM regular tag..
have added u into the Sametime list.

Lulu said...

Yes dun worry, u really look good in d name tag~

Btw,all d best in ur career!Cheers~

Mellissa said...

Congratulations on the new job! :) I hate those employee passes because I always tend to look very stupid in photos for those kinda things, haha. Your's looks fine!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

LOL definitely you look very leng zai in the IBM tag rather than your maxis tag! I guess the very different between these two is your hair!! LOL.. I like your 'look' now! =)

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Congratulation for your new job i guess is a good start for you to learn and get more experiences in new team! God Bless You my dear friend! Hope you will do well at there and have a good future in your life with your wife and your baby too~ ;)

Angie Tan said...

Wow!! You're 1 loyal staff.

Anyway, congrats!! What a nice package from IBM. Just had a friend who joined on the same day as you and wonder if she got the same package too. :-)

BTW, what's your e-mail? Would like to correspond with you. :-)

Wildan Arief said...

COngratulation for ur new job..
hope u can get what u want

Anonymous said...

hi congrats for having a new job. Goodluck! ^_^

meryl said...

hi via... are now in IBM ..prestigious company..

but i know how sad it is to leave your ex-collegues...

anywayz good luck to your new career!


vialentino said...

twilight zone: bro, i wish i can job hopping last time but love the job i am doing... at least u change 15 companies...meaning u get salary adjusted 15 times...

ashley: nope, at plaza sentral...base at same office and change to cyberjaya or one utama.

yvonne: thanks a lot. hope can fattt ah...

josephine: thanks a lot...hope IBM wont announce retrenchment ler...hehehe

farah: yupz...sounds the same...same goes for my brother and my sis....yeah, hope we did not make much noise in IBM office. Wat i can say IBM office is too quiet! really too silent...

jocelyn: aiks...u r in IBM too...thanks for adding me into Sametime but i havent have my thinkpad yet .... need to familiarize with lotus notes

lulu: thanks... luckily i looks good in my new tag...hehehe.

melissa: thanks thanks....yeah, i hope my pics comes out well in the tag. but i not really satisfied cause my shoulder looks so broad ler!

aeiween: thanks thanks a lot....hope got a smooth road in my new career and company. yaloh...i din know my hair looks so bad last time....

angie: fast u wanna do business with me ah...sure, will let u know my ibm email id...cause my email id is bloody hard to remember....let me check my namecard dulu. the package is for maxis staff unless ur friend is from maxis.

wildan: thanks buddy.

anonymous: thanks a lot.

meryl: not really sad to leave my colleagues cause most of us is moving there too...we are outsourced to IBM...thanks for ur wishes...

Agnes Sim said...

walaueh...the size got big different. haha

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