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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Finale Farewell party

My Good Bye Chapter in Maxis-IBM ...

Note: I will leave this post up till next Monday (27/04/2009) before posting new post.

  • 24/04/2009 ... it was a day to remember in my life ... a day which I could not forget and will treasure and carry along with me as a sweet and happy memory.
  • It is a day where I end my career in Maxis for final.
  • For the last week, I've been slowly cleaning and bringing back rubbish to my house ... Yve complaining a lot that our store is full of stuff and documents ... can't denied that cause I have been working for 9 years in Maxis and for sure there is lots of rubbish in my office.
  • At last, I manage to clean my drawers and desk cleanly for the first time.

After cleaning my office desk and drawers, now I would need to clean my messy store room at home.

  • 6.30pm, leaving Maxis office and heading to a farewell party organized by the ISD OD Gang. Thanks to Yew Li and Chee Keong for organizing this event.
  • Other than celebrating my farewell, it is a gathering for Maxis and IBM staff.

I will not send out any farewell note cause my heart will be with you in Maxis.

  • Letchia is my second ex-boss (year 2001) in Maxis ... she is indeed a truly great Manager which I have worked under and really appreciate her support and guidance to build up my career as a fresh graduate.
  • I have achieved two Maxis Awards under her supervision which is Spot Award and Departmental Award ... Thanks Letchia for everything and your support all this while ... all the best to you and good luck in your new career and life in Australia.
  • I will miss you a lot. Thanks for joining the OD gathering and I had a great farewell time with you. Hope to see you back in your farewell party on 15th May 2009.

I told Letchia, be ready for tonight's interview ... either you reveal the truth or you be tortured!

  • At 6.30pm, we headed off to Centro Bar at Sooka Sentral which is nearby to our office only.
  • We have ordered many foods and drinks - 13 jugs of beer, 1 pitcher of Long Island Tea and 1 pitcher of Madras drink.
  • I am very happy to see the OD folks and my team members who joined this farewell party and gathering ... -Goh, CK, Yew Li, Thomas, Wai Yee, Frances, Letchia, Christie, Amanda, Mandy, Raymond, Yoon Mooi, Loke, John Kelvin Khoo, Alvin, Peck Leng and for those who can't make alright cause there will be another session!

  • When I came back home at 11pm, I told Yve bout my farewell party happenings .... before that, the beer and alcohol smell is strong and it stinks my house.
  • Yve knows I am sad to leave the people's and the team behind ... will take some time for me to recover.
  • But as a grown up boy, I've learn one important thing from this party which is UNITY. It is not hard for me to leave Maxis or IBM but it is hard and sad for me to leave my colleagues and friends ... Yve knows I am going to cry if talk more bout it.

  • With that, lets the pictures do the talking ....
  • This is the best moment I ever had with my colleagues and for those colleagues reading this ... i bet it is the most happening and a sweet memory to remember.
  • For readers, please ignore that we are Maxis and IBM staff as some wild scenes happened after working hours .... just enjoy viewing it.

ROUND 1: BEER and Cocktail drinking session started ...

  • At first, we were all awake and fresh ... guess after a while with the alcohol effects .... the true colors reveals which you won't see in the office.
  • We just keep on yum seng and drink and chit chat and laugh .... I still can remember it till now ... I am so happy that night.
  • Raymond and the rest of the gang was trying their best to make me drunk or tipsy to get some information bout my new plan after quitting my job. IT failed.

  • We even sang Aussie song for Letchia too ... gosh, alcohol really can make a person to sing Australia national anthem rather than how we forgot to sing NegaraKu.
  • We are still fresh till 8.00pm. Raymond gave his personal speech to me ... and he gave me The Ass-0 award to me cause I did not reveal my plan ... I did reveal my plan but they don't believe me and insisted that I am joining into a new company. What can I say to prove myself?

  • Once the food is finish, we start to mingle around ... this is the best part where u can hear uncensored conversation and gossips.
  • At 8.30pm where the beer effect starts to take place into our mind ... I was feeling hot that time ... not sure how many glass I drank but what I can say that this is the most beer intake I ever drink cause I am a hard liquor drinker.

  • 8.45pm ... sei Ah Loke orders two pitchers of Long Island Tea and Madras.
  • Everyone was taking a sip to try it ... guess it is the mixture between beer and liquor created Raymond aka Devil of the night to gone wild.
  • I never expect that we DID this thing!

  • Gosh, I am all wet ... not the WET you are thinking in your mind ok....I am a male and not a female ok!
  • The moment Raymond pour the ice into my shirt behind ... the ice makes my balls shrink cause of the icy cold water drilling down ...

  • It was a history making that for the first time Amanda bottoms up her beer and we were all caught suprise.
  • Probably she is doing her training for her wedding cause we are ready to drink with her and make her drunk on her wedding night ... kekekeke.

  • Must learn a lesson that never mix beer, cocktail and liqour together ...
  • Else you will see a Red Devil below the picture

  • Loke and Amanda cam-whoring ...
  • Must be the alcohol after effect

I bet that Loke is 100% high cause it seems like his farewell instead of my farewell ... hahaha ... I am so happy that he is enjoying himself.

Yum Seng for everyone ... wishing all the best in your career in Maxis and IBM. Everyone bottoms up and place their beer glass upside down on the table to prove they finish their drink. This Raymond keep on pushing me to drink only ler ...

Wah Alvin, wat happen to you? Drop dead liow ah??? Alvin seems enjoying himself too when we are performing a gang rape on him ... untung him only ler...mana boleh ler!

This faces expression will never be seen in the office ... only can be seen during happy hour only with alcohol. Now you know how IT people looks like when they gone nuts .... hehehe. I love this picture so much!

CK looks so enjoying lying down on the sofa .... I simply love to drink Long Island Tea ... no kick for me!

Thanks for coming ... other than just celebrating my farewell ... I bet it is a nice OD gathering for all.

  • This is the sad moment where it is time for some people to go back home.
  • Lastly to all OD gang and friends, thanks for organizing this farewell party to me and I truly enjoy myself that night.
  • As my sincerity, I am trying my best to compile the pics and blog bout it now thou it is going to be 3am ... luckily I am fresh after a hot bath to stay awake to blog bout this most happening and most memorable day of my life.

ROUND 2: Beer treat by Raymond Lim

  • Some of us stayed back for second round as Raymond wants to buy us beer.
  • This is where the real integoration happened.
  • Thanks Raymond, I will remember you always and we shall keep in touch. Thanks for teaching me all the KINKY project management methods and helping me out in ORAL communication skill with the product users. Your lethal dirty virus injection into my brain has made me much more mature compare to few years ago where I am still innocent.

  • With that, I would like to say THANK YOU for everything and my 9 years in Maxis is one of the best and you all are like my second family to me.
  • Got to sleep now ...


Angie Tan said...


That's a lot of drinking. So, when is your official last day?

Anyway, I'll be posting up my multiple farewells too later. ;-)

Take care!

Damon said...

Wow, that's a lot of beer, 13 jugs. How much per jug cost?

This is a very nice farewell pictures I have seen, everyone seems very happy. Wish you all the best in your career.

Lulu said...

sense ur happiness and sadness fr the pictures....

u are blessed to have such colleagues and friends!

Lisa717 said...

wah Bro via~ 9 years eh!!! u r so loyalty eh!! it's unbelievable!! I m not sure whether i can work for tat long in the same company or not~ But anyway, you hav such great buddies in Maxis! Dun be too sad hav great future~ 2mr is a brand new day and you gotta face all those challenge! All the best in ur new company and Good luck~

fufu said...

whoa... it's the day i flew back from sabah as well... i had a great getaway with friends...

anyway... great farewell party, bet you would have a nice one, and dont forget to let us know your new plan once you have stoood on the starting point ya =)

fei ching said...

via, wish you all the best and I can see you really enjoy your farewell party a lot!

Anonymous said...

I think u must be miss them so much aite ..

ANyway.. good luck again in ur future career yea!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Great Night!Great moment :)

Adrian & Aeiween said...

awww i guess you're pretty sad to leave your colleague right? umm cheers up my friend~ keep moving on and looking forward~ tomorrow is a new day for you and your lovely wife~ Just enjoy and treasure everyday you have my friend~ =)

CH Voon said...

good luck! May all the best!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi via... seemed you really enjoyed the night! a lot of good looking foods ^_^ bathe with beer!!! hehehe ^_^

thenomadGourmand said...

frens are what makes the journey in life interesting and memorable yes?
readin ur post..i can imagine u chokin back tears!

charlotte said...

Your bunch of colleagues seems very happening. I really enjoy to see people partying wild.

vialentino said...

tmrw i will reply individually ... really nice to read ur comments ... really sorry for my late reply...

cheryl said...

hey via, this is one of the best farewell party I ever saw. u really enjoy yourself a lot

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