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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Farewell: Tea Drinking with VALUELABS at Killiney, Sooka Sentral

Thanks and Good bye to my fellow Generals in Maxis ....

  • It has been a Great 4 years working with my Valuelabs consultants since I transfered to Mobile Apps team in year 2005.
  • They are the best vendor team I ever worked with ... seriously ... they work hard day and night and has been helping me to fulfilled user business requirements.
  • I remembered there is once where we stay awake for 2 days 1 night (3 yrs ago) cause of some migration issue - kena bang left n right from Kugan sumore. I am happy to see the commitment and the team work among us ... I can remember till now.
  • I must say and admit that without their support and commitment, I wouldn't have done well in Maxis. Without them, I couldn't have a nice and sweet sleep.

Thanks to Vlabs for the teh tarik treat. Sorry, to decline your lunch treat cause I have been eating a lot lately. I prefer to have drinking session now where we can sit and chit chat. Even while we are drinking, they brought the notebook to support and resolve Maxis issues ... this is their 100% commitment to Maxis.

  • This is my personal message to them:-

    To Madhu, Srinivas, Fayaz, Raghu, Phani, Naveen, Sirisha, Ravi Vooda and Valuelabs team who I did not mention here ...

    Thanks guys for your 101% support to me ... I will definitely miss the banana leaf eating session and cow's milk teh tarik with you all.

    I am very sorry if I have hurt your feelings or done anything wrong, please forgive me yeah. I wish all the best to you in your career and take care.

Top pic: Me and the ValueLabs team ... Below pic: Oh yes, they have been complaining bout their workplace ... really hope Maxis will do something bout it.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi via, thanks for sharing... u are workaholic? awake for several days.whew!^_^

Phani said...

Thanks buddy it is pleasure working with you.

fufu said...

yeah... i am missing my Thai workers already since i left the construction site end of last yr.... >.<

Agnes Sim said...

wah..workplace like this.. is really... :p

karen said...

hey via, you are blessed with your consultants who support and committed to you. I have bad experience working with some foreign consultants.

about the workplace, got no comments about it.

EVo said...

most important is u still can keep in touch with ur ex colleagues lor...cannot be colleagues never mind, but stay as friends..

CathJ said...

You from Maxis before??? ;-D and I was Digizen before... ;-p

Nice meeting u.. ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Johnson for such a wonderful feedback. We will miss you. Wish you best of luck for your next venture/job. Do keep in touch.

btw added ur feed as well :P

Ravi Vooda.

Venkat Naveen said...

Thanks Johnson!!! for your wonderful Appreciation/feedback on us.
All the best for your next assignments/projects.
Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

It is removed

Anonymous said...

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