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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lunch at ChatterBox, One Utama mall

My all time favourite dish at ChatterBox ...
  • Hmmm, recently been eating quite a lot of Hong Kong food for my lunch...
  • Just want to share with you, whenever I come to ChatterBox to eat, I will order my favourite dish - Fried Seafood Noodles with Black Pepper and Cheese sauce ...
  • I would say the cheese taste normal and nothing special bout it ... but i love to eat the fried yee mee and melt softly in the cheesie sauce.
  • Another best thing bout this dish is the variety and amount of seafood in it... oooh yummy..

Quite a big portion too .... you can order to taste one but I wouldn't say it is the best dish compare to others ... just one of my favourite.


annant said...

fried yee mee with cheese sauce...sounds nice :)

fufu said...

wow... so many such hongkie restaurants in malaysia... still those authentic one in hk rock~~

anyway sorry i decided to write my csp8 trip in chinese, well since pictures paint thousands of words... wish you would enjoy even only seeing them =) i have videos also =p just uploaded... yeah more fun coming to be shared

Jys said...

I like their xo sauce fried rice, it's yummy!

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