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Friday, April 03, 2009

IBM-Maxis Welcome Event at One World Hotel

Everyone's enjoying and feeling great to be IBMer ...
  • 1st April 2009, the IBM Welcome Event for new IBMers held at One World Hotel.
  • The event was from 3pm to 6pm .... is a very simple and enjoyable event ... makan and tour .... like holiday only.

Yippie....flashing our new IBM tags...
  • Most of us got suprised that there is welcome gift for Maxis IBMers ... a notebook bag and recyle bag ... of course with IBM logo on it.
  • Yes, got my new IBM access tag and box of name card as well.
  • While waiting to enter to the event hall, we cam-whore and happy to see many smiling and happy faces.

Some of us checking our name card whether our name printed wrongly anot ...
  • Wow, nice decoration and table setup ... yes, there will be hi-tea served as well.
  • This reminds me like going for a wedding dinner only.
  • After the speech from the IBM Country Manager and Maxis CFO ... the makan session started.
  • There is some performances performed by IBM staff from their IBM Idols competition ... female solo, male solo and group ....

I was wondering, how come there is a bull decoration there .... hope for Bullish market is it?
  • There is a suprise birthday cake for those who born in month of April ... such a suprise event!
  • Comes to my main AGENDA .... FOOD ler....hehehe
  • The food is tremendous excellent .... the food served there doesn't looks like hi-tea for me ... it is much like for my dinner instead.

I love their dim sum and noodles very much ....
  • A note to my readers, sorry for my late post ... I've been very busy with IBM Orientation and yesterday was a Induction event ... to understand IBM function and processes ... it is an whole day event ... and I am worn out last night.
  • Even Yve said how come I slept so early last night ... I was telling her, you can try and sit on the chair for whole day in the same auditorium and many speakers come in and present.
  • By the way, thanks for your wishes ... appreciate it so much.

Note: Next post will be IBM Office Tour! .. give me some time to compile the pics


Lulu said...

enjoy to be an IBMer~

fufu said...

any extra ibm's notebook bag for me?

Angie Tan said...

wow!! looks good man!

I hope to get the same reception too. :P

Anonymous said...

you're working in IBM? cool wei! =D

vialentino said...

lulu: thanks...hope so.

fufu: dont have ler bro...

angie: u joining IBM too?

kenwooi: yeah , in IBM....few days only...

uLi.佑莉 said...

I like the personalize name card holder. IBM did a very good job in helping us to forget Maxis...muhahahah!

Joyce said...

oo, i heard about the maxis outsoursing their IT dept to IBM but i thought all from maxis will still remain at maxis?

anyway, congrats!

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