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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good news for Malaysian workers

  • I got this news from my colleague .... who is a blogger too. Thanks to her for sharing this good news with me.

    Kuala Lumpur, 31 Mac: Minister has approved a Bill which comes into effect on 01.04.2009 and it states that all Privately Held companies need to give a minimum salary increment of 15% to all employees every year till our economy improvise.

    This comes as a relief to petitioners appealing against the growing work hours in the Privately Held organizations and which do not have a proper system to check overtime.Please see the attached document for the list of companies which will be brought under the umbrella of the Bill in the first round of implementation.

  • Aren't you are excited bout it despite the global economy slowdown?
  • This is the news where everyone is waiting for ....
  • And if the name of your company features in the list below, do inform your friends to check my blogsite!

    1. Advance Technologies Group
    2. Panda Master Berhad
    3. Rexy Printing Sdn Bhd
    4. Innovative Creative
    5. Luxury Furniture Ltd
    6. F&M Drink Company
    7. Orange Mee Group
    8. Oxion & Onions Private Limited
    9. Lalaland Enterprise

    Happy April Fool's Day! ...


Brian Lim said...

halo, UK not yet april fool, y u wanna "fool" me??? :p

vialentino said...

i kena conned by my colleague ... sei Uli! anyway, happy april fool's day to everyone!

vialentino said...

brian: ooops...yeah hor...forgotten UK slow us one day ler...aihhhh

Josephine said...

yeah. the 'date' is near.
But I still have months to choose.

So nice, 15% increment...
But I work in SG leh.... T____T

Angie Tan said...


Happy April Fool.. :-)

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