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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

Kim Gary is my favourite Hong Kong food ...
  • Since I am watching the Shinjuku Incident movie at Sunway Pyramid ... I went for dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant cause I miss their food for quite sometime.
  • Oh yes, I love their cheesie foods .... this time it is a fattening meal for me and yet delicious one.

Top right pic: Salmon and Abalone mixed seafood cheese rice ... with extra cheese. What can i say, is a meal which I don't mind to eat everyday. Below pic: Their fried spagetti taste very nice and fragrant to ur nose. Once you bite it, the chinese fried taste really melt into your taste bud.
  • The food price here is very reasonable and lots of foods and drinks variety for you to select.
  • I love the cheese brocolli ... chun! This is the monthly free food for Kim Gary members for month of April. Do try it!

One day, i will try to do this cheese brocolli at home .... wonder if Kim Gary will put this meal into their menu.
  • Who doesn't love to eat Hong Kong food???


Dhemz said...

wow Via, am drooling with the dishes you have....very yummy!

woi love your shirt,,,where did you get that one...can you send me one...I'll pay through paypal...hehhehe!

thenomadGourmand said...

HK food is goooodddd..but i dun like KG tho..
anyways..Jackie my fav actor but his late movies been a let-dwn..still i will watch to support (*starry -eyed*) ;p
i guess its hard for him at that age to try outshine his prev shows..

vialentino said...

dhemz: i get the shirt from taiwan....hahaha....guess i need to fly to taiwan and buy for u.

thenomad: yaloh...i thought it will worth my money...wanted to watch fast n furious 4 but decided to watch this one...aihhh

Lulu said...

Oh,u ar a cheese lover~

I like HK foods but not really like d cheesie rice...never finished the whole bowl by myself alone..

Angie Tan said...

Oooo... I nearly wanted to catch Shinjuku Incident but watched Know1ng instead.

I've not had Kim Gary in ages. Love their peanut butter toast. Somehow, I end up going to WKCCT (Wong Kok Char Chan Teng) as it is close to my office.

Hmmm.. Not a bad place for a farewell.. LOL!

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