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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Asia One Cafe at Bandar Puteri Puchong

My late night supper and delighted to find new yum char place with wifi connection!
  • Me and Yve passed by this cafe many times but we did not try it. Till one late night close to 11pm...we decided to yum char at this Asia Cafe at Bandar Puteri Puchong
  • She craves for food and I joined her too thou I am feeling full after my dinner ... I was just too greedy ... can't control my stomach 'nafsu' -desire.

The Assam Laksa (RM 8) taste not bad. For a RM 8 assam laksa, I would expect more thicker soup gravy with sardines ... it is a bit watery but the soup taste was good and sour enough but a bit too salty! .... The white coffee doesn't taste like white coffee at all thou the coffee taste is too strong. I would need to ask the waiter to add extra water into it. The french fries taste good...just like McD's fries...
  • Lots of foods and drinks selection and set menu variety as well. I like their menu design ... clear and precise!
  • Bout the price, it is not cheap as you can expect a typical cafe food and drink price.

Per bottle beer cost RM is ain't expensive at all...
  • I love their interior design and ambience there ... seriously a good place to drink and chat with your family and friends. It served beer here as well!
  • I love their chair design too ... creative rite. At first, I thought I will not feel comfortable to sit at this chair but I was wrong ... feel like getting one for my home.

Anyone knows where to get this chair?
  • The most outstanding deco item is this big fake tree with the water fountain feature ...

I wish to have a water fountain in my home but not this giant one.

  • I find cafe are getting creative with their own concept ... do share with me if you stumble to a nice cafe too!


Lemonjude said...

Just ask the boss where he gets the chair...

Cindy Khor said...

the fountain looks incredible... but only one of its roots are sprouting water.

vialentino said...

lemonjude: paiseh time will ask the boss....dunno who is the boss there oso.

cindy: yeah...nice fountain....very creative design concept for cafe.

EVo said...

The tree looks like it's doing the pee-pee man..

Visu said...


i m staying so near, but haven't have the time to try Asia One Cafe...

well, would you like to share your review in BestFoodJunction?

it's an online food and restaurant platform, i am sure many people will be interested!

Unknown said...

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