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Monday, March 30, 2009

Alex and Cartier Wedding Dinner reception at Restoran Loon Sing @ Nilai

Congrats to Cartier & Alex on their biggest day of their life ...
  • From a net friend to a true good friend for 8 years ... this is how I know Cartier. We know thru internet (e-circles & communityzero era) and she joined few gatherings.
  • Last weekend was a happy moment to see her tied her life finally to a handsome and tall man (Alex) ... hehehe.
  • I remembered when me and yve visited their house ... the husband is very friendly and offer us to eat loh mai kai ... and tao pao back some for us too.

Another great dining restaurant to opt to host your wedding dinner reception at this restaurant ... food is excellent ... as u can hear from many people's feedback! Their most expensive package is RM 3030 .... expensive than Mandarin Oriental Hotel package!

  • No worries, there won't be any food picture this round cause I found many food pics in my blog lately ... hehehe ... and sometimes it counter attack me back to make myself hungry and start looking for food again.
  • But when she told me that her wedding will be held at Loon Sing Restaurant ... i was happy cause I really like the food there. The restuarant is famous for fine dining chinese cuisine such as Buddha Jump Over the Wall and Shark Fin soup!
  • I was truly enjoy the food there and wine too ....

Love her long wedding dress dragging the red carpet....guess it is every girl's dream to do that.
  • Wat a matched couple ... both leng chai and leng lui ....
  • Congrats and hope u execute your baby plan fast ....

Both the bride and the groom is very tall ...


Lulu said...

emmm....i wonder y so many wedding dinner for u to attend?:P

anyway, congrat~~ and i like d name Cartier!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

ya lo recently you attend lots of the wedding party~ it's quite cool right? while the economic crisis but people still can do whatever they want and like~ YEAHHH~~~

Josephine said...

why no food?
When i wan to see their food package, u never post pulak.

vialentino said...

lulu: hmmm...cause all my friends married late ler...hehehe

aeiween: yeah....despite bad economy, ppl still kahwin ler...can see people dine at expensive restaurant nothing to worry.

josephine: wedding food very din post up ler...i give u their restaurant website...shud have the menu package. how come u r looking ah? could be good news coming from u?

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