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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Asia One Cafe at Bandar Puteri Puchong

My late night supper and delighted to find new yum char place with wifi connection!
  • Me and Yve passed by this cafe many times but we did not try it. Till one late night close to 11pm...we decided to yum char at this Asia Cafe at Bandar Puteri Puchong
  • She craves for food and I joined her too thou I am feeling full after my dinner ... I was just too greedy ... can't control my stomach 'nafsu' -desire.

The Assam Laksa (RM 8) taste not bad. For a RM 8 assam laksa, I would expect more thicker soup gravy with sardines ... it is a bit watery but the soup taste was good and sour enough but a bit too salty! .... The white coffee doesn't taste like white coffee at all thou the coffee taste is too strong. I would need to ask the waiter to add extra water into it. The french fries taste good...just like McD's fries...
  • Lots of foods and drinks selection and set menu variety as well. I like their menu design ... clear and precise!
  • Bout the price, it is not cheap as you can expect a typical cafe food and drink price.

Per bottle beer cost RM is ain't expensive at all...
  • I love their interior design and ambience there ... seriously a good place to drink and chat with your family and friends. It served beer here as well!
  • I love their chair design too ... creative rite. At first, I thought I will not feel comfortable to sit at this chair but I was wrong ... feel like getting one for my home.

Anyone knows where to get this chair?
  • The most outstanding deco item is this big fake tree with the water fountain feature ...

I wish to have a water fountain in my home but not this giant one.

  • I find cafe are getting creative with their own concept ... do share with me if you stumble to a nice cafe too!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Alex and Cartier Wedding Dinner reception at Restoran Loon Sing @ Nilai

Congrats to Cartier & Alex on their biggest day of their life ...
  • From a net friend to a true good friend for 8 years ... this is how I know Cartier. We know thru internet (e-circles & communityzero era) and she joined few gatherings.
  • Last weekend was a happy moment to see her tied her life finally to a handsome and tall man (Alex) ... hehehe.
  • I remembered when me and yve visited their house ... the husband is very friendly and offer us to eat loh mai kai ... and tao pao back some for us too.

Another great dining restaurant to opt to host your wedding dinner reception at this restaurant ... food is excellent ... as u can hear from many people's feedback! Their most expensive package is RM 3030 .... expensive than Mandarin Oriental Hotel package!

  • No worries, there won't be any food picture this round cause I found many food pics in my blog lately ... hehehe ... and sometimes it counter attack me back to make myself hungry and start looking for food again.
  • But when she told me that her wedding will be held at Loon Sing Restaurant ... i was happy cause I really like the food there. The restuarant is famous for fine dining chinese cuisine such as Buddha Jump Over the Wall and Shark Fin soup!
  • I was truly enjoy the food there and wine too ....

Love her long wedding dress dragging the red carpet....guess it is every girl's dream to do that.
  • Wat a matched couple ... both leng chai and leng lui ....
  • Congrats and hope u execute your baby plan fast ....

Both the bride and the groom is very tall ...

CIMB Bank offers staff 6 months unpaid leave

Another job crisis news ... CIMB
  • One by one news of retrenchment and asking staff to take unpaid leave is popping in Malaysia job scene.
  • Do save up your money and plan your financial spending properly as u might not know wat you will face soon.
  • A friend of mine working in CIMB got affected by this news and hope it will be a temporary one. He is not worried as it is not retrenchment! ... STAY POSITIVE!
  • PETALING JAYA, March 30 (Bernama) -- CIMB Group is offering its 36,000 staff extended unpaid leave under the "Staff Rejuvenation Programme" from next month.Group chief executive, Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, said the programme was not to lay off workers but to give them an option to take extended unpaid leave of between one and six months.On whether the programme would reduce costs, he said: "We don't have a target but there will be cost savings. It's a positive move and a win-win situation."Nazir said under the current economic situation, "it is fully understood that there is spare capacity."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malaysia Earth Hour

Earth Hour ... KLCC gone in the dark!
  • Malaysia participates in Earth Hour for the first time! KLCC and many others switched off lights for an hour.

  • Did you switch off your house lights for an hour?

Formula 1 fever is back

Watched Melbourne Formula 1 race today....
  • Yes, I am a F1 fan ... supporting Mclaren team all the while.
  • In an amazing start to the Formula 1 season down under in Melbourne Australia, Brawn GP sweeped the top two places.
  • Luckily my idol Lewis Hamilton claimed 4th place and happy to see Massa out of the race.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dinner with Florence at Restoran Tak Fok @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Florence wants to try local seafood compare to Singapore crabs ...
  • Florence is Yve's close friend since college time and now she came to Malaysia for short holiday from Singapore.
  • She wanted to try local crab here to compare with Singapore crab taste. Obviously she likes the local crab here a lot.
  • Anyway, the food served at this Tak Fok Restaurant at Bandar Puteri Puchong was normal and salty esp the vegetables. The cheesie crabs taste absolutely nice and the lala too.

1kg of cheesie crabs ... my favourite!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby dies, drunk parents forgot to feed him

What an irresponsible parents ... wtf!
  • Read this news from the online The Star news .... and felt so sad for the baby.
  • If the parents wanna go party and drinking, they should send the baby to someone to take care.
  • How can a parents forgot to feed a baby which less than a month old ... really sad sad news to read bout it.

    MIRI: A baby boy, less than a month old, starved to death after his parents allegedly forgot to feed him because they were too drunk. The baby died in the intensive-care unit of Miri Hospital yesterday morning and a police report has been lodged.

    Police now want to question the parents, in their early 30s from a longhouse in southern Sarawak, who came to Miri to work and were renting a house at a low-cost housing scheme near the Sarawak-Brunei High­way, some 12km north of the city centre.

    Relatives found the baby unconscious in the house and rushed him to the hospital at about 3am on Wednesday. Miri deputy OCPD Supt Ismail Paduka Idris confirmed that the baby died in the morning.

    “We are investigating claims that the parents had indulged in a prolonged drinking spree and had neglected the baby. “Initial investigations show that the baby might have been so severely neglected that he suffered fatal consequences.

    “We want to find out whether this was due to carelessness,” Supt Ismail said. The couple also have a three-year-old daughter.

My first decorated art coffee at Chili Espresso @ Sooka Sentral

Nice mocha coffee drink ...
  • Have a coffee drink with my colleagues nearby my office.
  • When I ordered my ice mocha drink at Chili Espresso ... I thought of a normal coffee drink only.
  • When it served to me with its nice art decoration on top of it ... I was amazed by it.
  • Bout the mocha taste....absolutely taste good...very strong mocha taste!

How nice if starbucks, gloria jeans, coffee beans and old town have this coffee design concept ...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Char Kuey Teow (Fried Kuey Teow) @ Lorong Selamat, Penang

Penang Fried Kuey Teow came across my mind while I was working...
  • Work also can think of food suddenly ....ish ish .... my mind was thinking of big prawns actually ... thenI remember I ate big prawns in my fried kuey teow during my holiday at Penang.
  • Guess that today's my lunch will be Penang Fried Kuey Teow....
  • I really miss the Lorong Selamat Fried Kuey Teow a lot when I was in Penang. For those Penangtees...they definitely know this famous food place!

Penang is well-known for fried kuey teow ... KL Kuey Teow can't beat that! except my mom's kuey teow .... hehehe
  • Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow or Fried Kuey Teow has been famous since early 2000. Now, it is sheltered inside a restaurant named Kafe Heng Huat and not the one outside a few shops away in the street.

You can see how huge is the prawn now .... taking a quarter of its plate....but only two pieces for standard plate!
  • Furthermore, since their debut on 8TV’s Ho Chak, the price is now ridiculously high, starting from RM 6.50 to RM 9.00 for a bigger plate.
  • I know I need to wait for a long long time for my kuey teow to come and their service staff was a bit un-friendly.
  • Anyway, wat the heck....famous food stall sure will chuen a bit one ler.

If I can't Diet today , you can't too ... together don't diet!

Now is lunch time ... sorry for spoiling your diet plan ... hehehe

  • Will you pay RM 6.00-RM9.00 for this Char Kuey teow with big prawns like this?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My favourite Peter's Pork Noodle at Brickfields

Don't feel boring eating this pork noodle soup with telur mata kerbau in it ...
  • Thanks to Loke who introduce this fabulous and delicious pork noodle stall to me.
  • Sometimes, during lunch time, will walk to here to have this delicious and yummy pork noodle.
  • The wantan noodle below taste very normal and nothing great bout it. The wantan noodle stall is just next to Peter's Pork Noodle stall.

What's make the pork noodle delicious is the soup, the kuew teow texture and the pork meat itself .... the taste is superbly nice for a pork noodle soup!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bak Kee Yam Rice at Restoran Seribu Selera, Melaka

Delicious Yam Rice and cheap yong tau foo at Malim Jaya, Melaka ....

  • Guess who brought me and introduce me this Restaurant .... is my parent in law.
  • They found this new yam rice food in Malim Jaya. According to local people, they served delicious yam rice and the pork meat and intestine is yummy.
  • Best part it only cost RM 4 only as shown in the banner!

RM 4.00 for bak kee yam rice is cheap .... other places selling at RM 6.

  • When my friend saw this bowl of soup with the intestine and meat, they say gross ... but wat i can tell u, i am not a fan of the intestine too but once I tried it .... basket, finish it cleanly!
  • The yam rice is very nice and the yam fragrant is strong ....
  • The yong tau foo is sold there too.... 50 cents a piece only .... but the soup taste very normal. Nothing really special bout the yong tau foo.

Melaka kuey teow is wide and thicker a bit compare to ipoh kuey teow ... taste not bad but the dissapointment is the yong tau foo soup which is very plain only. The ytf meat balls taste good and fresh. Good thing is it cost 50 cent per piece only .... cheap leh!
  • When I write this food post, my stomach sounds suddenly .... damn it .... I am going to cook Har Mee by Ibumie with crabsticks.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Maxis iPhone 3G Launch at KLCC Convention Center

The Maxis Main Event for the Year 2009 ... iPhone 3G Launch!
  • 20th March - Yes, the iPhone 3G is here in Malaysia now. Volunteered myself as the iPhone ambassador to be part of this history.
  • It was officiate by the Deputy Minister Energy, Water and Communications, Datuk Joseph Salang together with the CFO and CMO of Maxis.
  • The crowd for the day was crazy .... imagine the 1st customer came 3 hours earlier to queue up just to get his iPhone 3G.
  • Later on, there is a video live conferencing with the Maxis CEO and Malaysia PM.

Did took some pics before the launch event ... I was busy on duty and did not take much pics of it. The crowd was amazing and I wonder how long did the customer waited to collect their phone? Luckily there is some magic show, performance and small makan makan to keep the customer happy :)
  • Do you think Maxis iPhone plan is cheap and attractive enough for you to subscribe one?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alvin's lunch treat at Gossip Cafe, Birkcfields

Curry Laksa in metal hot plate ...
  • This is prior to Alvin's wedding day as his brother ... he gave us a lunch treat.
  • We went to Gossip Cafe at Brickfields to eat there as the food is nice and price is reasonable. Most importantly, it is air-conditioned.
  • We had our own set lunch individual. Then we saw many people ordered those food in metal hot plate.
  • We are curious to know and asked the waiter .... and we ordered one as well to try.

The curry laksa in the metal hot plate is nice and not bad ... will go and order that dish again. Bottom left pic: Mr. Alvin .... Bottom right pic: Mr. Loke .... if you can remember, they two kissed each other during the farewell party.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alvin's Wedding: Behind the scenes with Nikon D3 picture quality

Behind the scenes ...
  • Got the original picture from Alvin few days ago.
  • Super clear and nice picture quality taken by my colleague using his D3.
  • Enjoy some of the pictures during the wedding and see how evil are we to make Alvin drunk!
Told you how bad is the ji mui's torturing us like this with all sorts of punishment.

Alvin manage to finish the killer drink and he still able to stand up!! Damn it .... still able to stand after many rounds of yum seng!

Group picture at the end of the session ...
  • Let me conclude Alvin's Wedding with a picture of me and yve.

My face never turn red at all after many drinks ... not good ler. Anyway, handsome and pretty o not?

Nikon D3, my dream to achieve

Baby, when I can own you ...
  • My target is to get Nikon D90 ... but got to know a few of my colleagues bought Nikon D3.
  • I manage to play with it and it was a fantastic camera ... but the price also very awesome.
  • Hoping to own it one day .... will continue my day dreaming.
  • Anyone knows what the price for Nikon D90 now?

One problem with this camera is the weight itself ... damn kao heavy ...
  • Nikon D3 Key Features
    - First ever Nikon DSLR with a Full-Frame (36 x 24 mm) sensor (dubbed the 'FX' format)
    - 12.1 megapixel full-frame sensor (8.45┬Ám pixel pitch)
    - ISO 200 - 6400 (with boost up to ISO 25600)
    - Also supports DX lenses, viewfinder automatically masks (5.1 megapixels with DX lens)
    - 5:4 ratio crop mode (10 megapixels, up to 9 fps, viewfinder masked)
    - 14-bit A/D conversion, 12 channel readout
    - Nikon EXPEED image processor (Capture NX processing and NR algorithms, lower power)
    - Super fast operation (power-up 12 ms, shutter lag 41 ms, black-out 74 ms)
    - New Kevlar / carbon fibre composite shutter with 300,000 exposure durability
    - New Multi-CAM3500FX Auto Focus sensor (51-point, 15 cross-type, more vertical coverage)
    - Auto-focus tracking by color (using information from 1005-pixel AE sensor)
    - Auto-focus calibration (fine-tuning) now available (fixed body or up to 20 separate lens settings)
    - Scene Recognition System (uses AE sensor, AF sensor)
    - Picture Control image parameter presets (replace Color Modes I, II and III)
    - Custom image parameters now support brightness as well as contrast
    - Nine frames per second continuous with auto-focus tracking
    - Eleven frames per second continuous without auto-focus tracking
    - Ten / eleven frames per second continuous in DX-crop mode (AF / no-AF)
    - Dual Compact Flash card slots (overflow, back-up, RAW on 1 / JPEG on 2, copy)
    - Compact Flash UDMA support
    - 3.0" 922,000 pixel LCD monitor
    - Live View with either phase detect (mirror up/down) or contrast detect Auto Focus
    - Virtual horizon indicates if camera is level (like an aircraft cockpit display)
    - HDMI HD video output
    - 'Active D-Lighting' (adjusts metering as well as applying D-Lighting curve)
    - Detailed 'Control Panel' type display on LCD monitor, changes color in darkness
    - Buttons sealed against moisture
    - Dual battery charger as standard

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maxis ISD Farewell Party 2009

Integrated.Strong.Dynamic = ISD Team ... will be 1 team after all.
  • Yes, part of the ISD team will be joining to IBM .... so this is a farewell party for everyone.
  • 18/03, we took a group photo for rememberance at Plaza Sentral with our new ISD shirt design.
  • At 5pm, we went to Chili Espresso at Sooka Sentral for makan-makan and drinking session.

I can tell u the food served here is delicious ... during lunch time, it will be packed and remember to order their mamak mee goreng!

Who says ISD can party and drink during working hours ...
  • Oh yes, it is odd that you can drink during office hour.... it is exceptional for that day ... it's a happy farewell party for everyone ...
  • Carlsberg must be smiling a lot ... hehehe

Middle pic: We have gay members in the team ... Loke & Alvin ... why they are so high?

Don't we look like Toyota Sales man???
  • With the theme color of our shirt design which is white and red ... we were saying that we look like Toyota Sales people ...

Yes, there are few famous bloggers in the team ... they told me not to reveal them ... hehehe.

Group photo taking and lucky draw event ...
  • Not feeling lucky that day ... my name did not mention in the lucky draw event.
  • Even my Mega Sports Toto number did not strike ... hahaha ... thanks to Loke for sponsoring me that cause he owe me lunch money.

The happy peoples and luck draw winners ...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am a Maxis iPhone 3G Buff

Volunteered myself to become Maxis iPhone 3G Ambassador (Buff)

  • Attended the briefing for the Grand iPhone launch this coming 20th March, Friday at KLCC Convention Center.
  • What I can say that the response for the iPhone 3G is good .... many thousands has pre-booked their iPhone 3G.
  • My next concern is the collection and registration day for the pre-booked customer ... which we estimate about 28 mins to activate the line and the whole process for a customer to complete will be 55 mins + or more.
  • But don't worry, iPhone owners and families will be served drinks and snacks keeping them happy while they are waiting for their queue.

The floor plan layout ... I will be station at Ballroom 2 ... do shout for me if you can recognize me.

DELL offers VSS to Malaysian staff announcement

My sister got retrenched too in Australia...
  • It is not suprised that Dell would announce their VSS option to the staff in Malaysia after HP announce the Paycut.
  • My sister in Sharp CO. , Sydney got retrenched too .... but she said is ok, cause the government is paying her weekly allowance and helped her to look for a job.
  • I was like, wow ... such a nice government and she is not worried at all and she is going for holiday sumore ... can we do the same in Malaysia?
  • Below is the Dell VSS news from Business Times.

    It is learnt that the company has informed the Manpower Department of its plans, and an estimated 5,000 workers have until the end of the month to decide. COMPUTER maker Dell Inc is reducing its headcount in Malaysia by offering a voluntary separation scheme (VSS).

    The move is part of a round of staff cuts being carried out worldwide.
    Dell is believed to have offered the VSS to all its Malaysian employees, who are estimated to total 5,000.

    It is learnt that the company has informed the Manpower Department of its plans, and workers have until the end of the month to decide. A Dell Malaysia spokesman confirmed that the company is reducing its global workforce but did not say how many jobs will be eliminated in Malaysia.

    Last month, Business Times had quoted industry sources as saying that some of Dell's workers in Penang and Cyberjaya had been warned that their jobs may soon be eliminated in the company's latest restructuring.

    "About 80 people in sales and marketing have been informed that their jobs will no longer exist in the new structure and they need to find alternative work within the company," the source had said.

    Dell's presence in Malaysia spans 14 years and the company has two facilities in Penang, one based on the island and the other in Seberang Prai. It also has a global business centre in Cyberjaya.

    The world's second largest computer maker saw some of its top executives leave the company early this year as the American firm set about restructuring itself to regain market share and boost sales.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grandma's Birthday celebration at Imperial Garden Restaurant at Wisma Intan

Happy 93rd Birthday to Grandma ... Love you Grandma
  • This is a big event in my family which is celebrating my grandma's 93rd birthday ... YES, age 93 .... I never imagine I could live up to 93.
  • My family decided to celebrate it at this new Imperial Garden restaurant at Wisma Intan next to Armada Hotel.
  • A short story bout my Grandma and what's her secret to live that long!
    - Has delivered 4 sons
    - Has delivered 9 daughters (1 twins)
    - Eats chocolate, ice cream and fried stuff till now.
    - Don't smoke and drink
    - Very very good temper, never scold or beat any of her childrens before till now!

The restaurant is very nice and grand. Very ideal place for wedding dinner.
  • This time we ordered a different kind of chinese course dinner.
  • We had Roasted Peking Duck, Braised Shark's fin soup with crab meat & dried scallops, steamed cod fish with beancurd skin and black fungus, skewed grilled scallops, poached tiger prawns with superior broth, sauteed mixed vegetables served in pumpkin shell, fried noodles with sliced peking duck, chinese herbal jelly & cheesy egg tarts.

This is the first time I have prawn shashimi and steamboat style for a chinese 8 course dinner. You can either eat the prawn meat raw or dip and cooked in the broth soup.
  • My cousins and family relatives which attended the celebration.
  • My grandma still can blow off the candles ... geng!

Everyone truly enjoy the dinner and happy chatting ... like I say, the whole family will meet up during makan makan session only.
  • The food here is very delicious .... but very small portion only.

Recently ate too much duck meat liow .... another peking duck dish but I preferred the Duck King Peking Duck. The steamed cod fish is fabulous .... meat is tender and fresh!
  • The food is very very small portion, I never imagine that the skewed grilled scallops dish will give you one scallop only.
  • I enjoy the dessert which is the herbal jelly and the cheesy egg tarts, very nice taste!

The black stuff is the herbal jelly ... very nice to eat with the honey lime sauce and the cheesy egg tart is very delicious ... it has prawn meat in it with cheese in it.

  • For those who is planning to find a restaurant to host for the dinner reception, you may want to check out this restaurant.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sipping hot latte and having my breakfast at Starbucks, The Curve

I love to drink cafe latte ...

  • Over the weekend, it was a busy weekend for me. So, better to get some simple breakfast and coffee before going to shop for some furnitures.
  • Seriously, I am not really a particular fan of Starbucks coffee, much more to San Francisco coffee lover. But I wouldn't say Starbucks coffee ain't nice to drink ... it taste ok for me.
  • Anyway, every cafe latte to me is the same and I miss Starbucks drinks after all.
  • Me and Yve had breakfast here at The Curve and we tried out their burger sandwich.

I must say that the burger sandwich taste nice with the latte.

  • After the breakfast, we went to Ikea and meet a mother will be selling one of her baby toy to us.
  • Yve found her from a blogspot where she is selling all her baby second hand toys.

I got this baby toy at a cheap price. When bring back home, it seems I am more like a baby, love to step and press those buttons and listen to the music.

  • Now I know that Baby Toys are not cheap! It is freaking expensive than adult toys...don't you think so?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quack quack lunch at Duck King Restaurant at Jaya One

The famous Duck restaurant in town ...

Warning: Make sue you are feeling full and not hungry when you view this post!

  • This is my second visit to this restaurant and the food taste is still yummy.
  • Thanks to Ms. Yew Li for organizing this lunch to bring some of our colleagues to try this duck restaurant. As you know, most of my kaki makan is carnivor!
  • After the DO meeting on the organization chart, CS and the rest rush down to Jaya One for this lunch appointment ... luckily they did not ffk else will claim the bill from them :p
  • We ordered some dim sum's as starter.

Oh yes, we are big eaters too ... before the main dishes come, here is the dim sum we ordered ... char-siew bao, lao sa bao (Steamed Golden Sand Bun - The warm, sweet custard filling was oozingly delicious, balanced perfectly by the slight flavour of salted egg, all within a soft, fluffy bun), egg tarts and har gao (fresh and big prawns in it) ... very very yummy!

  • The fried kai-lan in two variety and duck king signature bean curd is a must order dishes! You won't regret eating this with the minced pork rice!

Top pic:
Fried Kai-lan in two variety. Middle pic: The minced pork rice taste nice too except the rice is hard a bit .... the 'siew yuk' or roasted pork meat is absolutely yummy n the skin very crunchy with the fats melting in your mouth! A must ok!. Bottom pic: Duck King signature Bean Curd dish.

Here comes the main dish - Roasted Duck

  • We came all the way from KL office to here just for this dish .... Roasted Duck.
  • No doubt, they are called Duck King .... the meat is soft and the duck skin is crunchy and roast till perfection. The skin color already tempt you liow.

We ordered the whole duck .... not enough ler .... hahaha, told you that we are hungry carnivorious people!

Beijing Duck Two Varieties

  • We ordered Half Beijing duck too .... the Duck Meat is fried with XO sauce and taste delicious. Just a small comment on this dish, must put more XO sauce into it!

The dish is prized for the thin, crispy skin, with authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat. The skin is often eaten by wrapping in pancakes with spring onions, and dipped with hoisin sauce or sweet noodle sauce. While the duck meat is cooked in your preffered sauces.

The non-vegetarian people's ....

  • The list: Choy, LingLing, YewLi, CS, Goh, Janice,CK and myself.

Did some cam-whoring. When the foods served, everyone focusing eating only.... thanks to Yew Li for this picture!

The refreshing desserts ...

  • Yes, you must try their desserts as well ... shock-ka-laka.

Really cool off my stomach with my dessert - Chilled mango with pamelo and sago after heavy meal.

  • Eating here is bit pricey ... but if you like duck meat, try here for once in ur life with your friends / family.
  • Are you a duck meat lover? (if yes, please shoot down those yellow duckies -digi) :p

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seri Sinar Amal 10km Run: My first 10km finisher medal

A 10km run event which I am late...
  • Guess what, I started late by 5 minutes when the race begun. Me and Johny reached there early at 6.15am. We thought of doing some warm-up and start from the front. The story goes by...
  • We were waiting for one of Johny's friend to collect her bib number from another person. The person came late bout 6.45am. We started walking from carpark A to carpark C at 6.50am and the event is going to start at 7am sharp.
  • I din know that carpark A to C is bloody far!!!
  • When we went to the starting line of the race, everyone had left and I start running to chase the pack.

Very nice pewter medal .. the event was organized perfectly and feel happy bout it .. except for the long hilly road along the Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil and the exhaust fume from the vehicles.
  • Despite the night before the run, I went to Sunway Pyramid to drink beer with friends and watched MU lost 4-1 to Liverfool...fruzz!
  • This is the run which I never pace myself and really suffer from it cause used too many energy to run fast and hard.
  • It was a tough run with my stomach full of beer and I run out of breath at 5km mark. Anyhow, I continue to push myself to the limit and got my first 10km finisher medal by clocking est. 1hr 5mins.

Seri Sinar Charity Run 2009 at Bukit Jalil

My first charity run ...
  • Doing a good deed for the year ... participate the Seri Sinar Charity Run later on.
  • The run will begin at 7am at Bukit Jalil Park.
  • Wish me luck on the run later and I am not sure if this time I able to complete the 10km less than an hour due to my weight!
  • During my previous 20km Great Eastern run, clocked in 2hrs 12mins 18 secs! ... my best achievement during my fit and slim time.

The running vest which is red and white ... a little boring but is ok. Number A329, cannot buy 4D at all...hehehe.
  • Friends, guess you all are still sleeping now ... remember to exercise once a day even you are busy with work! Stay healthy and live healthy! Wish me luck...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Help me to suggest my baby name

My sister wants a baby girl ....
  • Sis, sad to said I have dissapointed you. It's a baby boy!

Gynae conversation with me and yve (My gynae is a funny person)

  • Last two weeks, we went to see our regular Gynae at Columbia Asia hospital.
  • We forgotten to ask bout the gender during our last visit, so this time, we remembered to ask bout the baby gender.

    Me n Yve: We would like to ask bout the baby gender. (during ultra sound scan)

    Gynae: Oh yes, let me scan and check. Hmmm, I don't see a thing there and it is flat. Should be a baby girl.

    Me n Yve: Oh okay, we can go shopping after this.

    Gynae: How come so fast want to buy baby stuff?

    Me n Yve: Now is baby sales period, after we know the gender, we want to go shopping after this.

    Gynae: Oh ok, then hold on first ... let me re-check again to give you double confirmation. The gynae pushes yve's belly so the baby can turn and move to give him a clearer picture. The baby likes to play hide and seek!

    Me n Yve: Wow, the baby is moving...

    Gynae: You saw that!!! (in his excitement mode)

    Me n Yve: (Stunned) ... saw what?

    Gynae: The balls and the penis.

    Me n Yve: (From the screen, we dunno how to locate which is penis and the balls as the screen is black and white) ... Aiyoh doctor, we can't see leh ... else we are doctor already.

    Gynae: (He laugh) Ok, let me show you. (Gynae point to us and zoom it).

    Me: In my mind (hmmm, just like ur daddy one) ... hehehe .

    Gynae: Now you can go for your baby shopping. Else later next month, you bring the receipt to claim back from me.

  • Now, me and yve having problem to decide wat English name to be given to my baby boy. Because me and yve make a deal ... if it's a baby girl, she will name it and if baby boy, I will name it.
  • Hope you can helped us to give some names to me to consider? If the name you suggested chosen by me and yve, I will give a small appreciation gift.
  • Oh yeah, NO Benson, Johnson, Michael, Rodney, Robert, Peter and John names as this been used in my family.

My sis send over this card from Australia ... I din know she likes baby girl ... same as Yve.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Restoran Caff at Bandar Puteri Puchong : Pizza, Grill, Pasta and Best Mushroom Soup

Me and Yve is a pasta and pizza maniac ...
  • Suppose to follow Yve appetite cause she is pregnant, but then suddenly I am craving for Pasta - must be seeing lots of blog showing homecook pasta especially Ashley's blog.
  • This is my second visit here to this Italian restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong and I find it the best so far in terms of the food taste and environment.
  • Please ignore the yellowish pics till I get my DSLR (still pending approval from my Home & Finance Minister).

The pizza was yummy good and somemore it is thin crust but the ingredients is not much as the Centro's Bar pizza. The baked cheese seafood macaroni was superbly yummy, feel like ordered second plate for myself but wanna try the wild mushroom pasta.
  • Hear comes my favourite western soup - Mushroom soup.
  • Till now, me and yve still remembers the best mushroom soup served in town which is at the Pizza Uno at CenterPoint, Bandar Utama. We could not find similar taste and quality till we tried the mushroom soup here.
  • Yes, I agreed that this mushroom soup is one of the best in the town as shown in their menu and I am going to give my vote for it!

RM 7.50 for this bowl of soup is worthy cause lots of wild mushroom in it...and the soup is not too creamy and watery...just perfect!
  • WHO LOVE PIZZA HUT MUSHROOM SOUP? And I will give you a doink if you think their mushroom soup is the best!

Garmin Nuvi205 GPS Navigator

My Garmin guides me home ...
  • Hmmm, wondering why we need a dedicated GPS Navigator seems most handphone comes with GPS function, rite.
  • I find that mobile phone GPS lagged sometimes but dedicated GPS Navigator doesn't and provide much accurate direction. Don't you think so?
  • We got this GPS Navigator, because nowadays, me and yve do travel a bit esp within Msia states and South East Asia. On the road, it helped us to save fuel as well cause it calculate the shortest route to your destination than you trying to drive around to ask for direction if you are not sure.
  • Oh yeah, many food blogs shared the restaurant GPS location as well which makes us very easy to find the restaurant.
  • Thanks to Yve friend who helped us to buy this GPS Navigator from Singapore.

Top picture: The display shows the time I took travel back home from Bukit Jalil Station to Puchong during peak hour. Imagine it took me 44 mins to reach home and the distance is 15.4km only. And average speed of 21km/h .... damn kao slow ler. Tested the Garmin speedometer with my car speedometer, it is accurate when I drive and the arrival time ... amazing and I love it! You can switch to pedestrian mode if you are walking and not driving.
  • I find Garmin Navigator is very easy to use and lots of function. The unit is pre-loaded with Singapore and Malaysia maps.
  • If you were to travel to other countries, you can download the country map from
  • Is it necessary for us to have GPS Navigator in Malaysia? What's your thought?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thai Dinner at Restoran Yee Wen and Thai Foods at Kepong Baru

My favourite thai food restaurant ....
  • If you are hunting for cheap, tasty and nice thai food (in chinese - peng, leng, cheng!) .... this is the place I would recommend to you.
  • The location of this restaurant:-
    Jalan Helang Belalang, (the alley opposite Giamax)
    Kepong Baru,
    52100 Kuala Lumpur
  • This place were firstly introduced by Mew and he brought us here and me and yve love it so much esp their food, thai fragrant coconut and their seafood tom yam soup!
  • We were quite lucky to have a place to sit cause within 30 mins, it is fully packed already.

Mew knows the boss there and make sure u remember that if each time u come to this restaurant, you must asked the boss who is the chef? Is the boss wife is the chef a not, cause the owner wife is origin from Thai and she cooks very well .... the boss doesn't know how to cook.

  • This time, we were lucky that the restaurant got the thai fragrant coconut stock ... cause it is the best seller drink there.
  • This is my third visit to this restaurant and we called along Johny and Wan Lin to try out. We ordered something different this time.

The fried vegetable is a famous dish there ... we ordered the fried lala and it seems not so fresh and the taste is not wat I expect. Oh yes, the thai fragrant coconut ... u must order to try if there is stock .... imported from Thailand directly!

  • For first timer, you must definitely order their seafood tom yam soup, pandan leave chicken, fish cake and the fried vegetable.
  • The seafood tom yam is the best cause it is sour enuff and spicy enuff and it is clear soup. And lots of big prawns, fish meat and squic in that claypot!

Top left pic:
The green curry chicken ... not bad taste but i hope the curry taste is stronger a bit then it will be nice. Top right pic: The fish cake, this is the dish u must order and try it out. You won't regret at all. Middle pic: The ikan kerabu also taste not bad. Bottom pic: Told you that the prawns is huge and big ....

  • Now, comes the best part ...
  • Guess how much the meal cost for 6 pax for the dishes we ordered:- Fried Lala, Fried Vegetables, 6 fish cakes, 6 thai coconut, Seafood Tom Yam soup, Green Curry Chicken, Ikan Kerabu and a pot of rice?
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