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Monday, November 03, 2008

My Halloween Night

Halloween party at Club Twenty One
  • Venue: Club Twenty One, Kuala Lumpur
  • People: Fanny (Organizer), Shirlyn, Ivory, Kai, Lyn, Amanda, Alex, Mr. Eleven, Via
  • FFK people: Steph
  • Ambience: Very nice and lots of kwai lou. Nice music!

My first time to this club Twenty One .... really a nice club and bar .... located behind Hotel Istana .... nice crowd and music!
  • Drinks: Beer, Red Wine, White Wine, Long Island Tea, Expensive Mineral Water (RM 21 for 750ml bottle)
  • Food: None

Fanny brought her witch hat and each of us pose with it....damn it, I am a lousy poser!

  • Summary: No one got drunk except Mr. Eleven. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Fanny for organizing this party....I will come again...nice music and nice crowd....the best is no cover charge at all!

Middle pic: From left to Right - Lyn, Kai, Fanny, Shirlyn, Ivory & Amanda ..... I am lucky to take picture with the 2 deejays of the night!


fanny tan said...

wah...nvr ever fkk johnson, the name so big printed there...scary ler..

Ju Ann said...

so many girls! :P

Aeiween said...

Wowwww so many girls there... :p

vialentino said...

fanny: u know....hope steph dun see this ler...

ju ann: many girls but all married liow...ooops....

adrian: all kawan baik ler....

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

You look pondan-ish with the witch hat LOL Nice party.

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