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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kim Gary membership card

The benefits you will get....

  • Eating at KLCC and KL Sentral can come nearly to RM 10 everyday for my lunch. Mixed rice is not cheap at all as it will come bout RM 5-7 and not included drink yet.
  • Therefore to save cost a bit and have a better dining ambience, I applied Kim Gary HK membership card few months ago .... and enjoy some discount on my lunch.
  • Of course I dont eat at Kim Gary everyday, will get 'jelak' very fast too.
  • Since the Avenue K branch was closed down .... I need to travel all the way to Midvalley branch for lunch there.

Went lunch with Johny to Kim Gary @ Mid Valley ... my fav. spicy korean pork chop noodles ...and as for month of November freebies, we got a bowl of fried mini pork chop in a bowl.... Top pic: My nice black color membership card and the forever crowded people at Mid Valley branch.
  • What do benefits do I get enjoy from the membership card:-
    - Pay RM 15 for lifetime membership.
    - Enjoy 10% discount on your bill (weekdays only)
    - Monthly Lucky Draw to Hong Kong and a chance to win a car!
    - Every month, you are entitle for a new food item for FREE!
    - 50% discount a week before and after your birthday
  • What so special bout their food , errrr ... just an ordinary HK food flavour and style and is edible. Price is reasonable too.


LuLu said...

1. The photo make me feel like via met up a lenglui in a hotel's corridor.....*keke*

2. The "Every month, you are entitle for a new food item for FREE!" is attractive neh!

Mustaneer Ali said...

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