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Saturday, November 01, 2008

IBM Power of i Tour

Buffet food again .... @ Le Meridien Hotel

  • Another IBM seminar .... meaning another makan day for me again...kekeke.
  • I learned lots bout IBM technology for this two days .... indeed a good seminar.
  • Notice my previous company name in the tag ... it is different!

Dato K ni naik miang....told him just take picture, his hand snake to somewhere else....
  • Skip ... go to food posting directly.
  • At least this hotel provide a much better food taste from the previous one.
  • It was my second time to eat buffet at Le Meridien and they really changed a lot especially on their menu.

Took some of the interior and exterior design of the buffet area and the hotel. The service staff here is very efficient...they clean the table very fast unlike Crowne Plaza where the plates are left till they got time to clean it.

This time I try to control myself not to eat so much but eventually failed again...the seafood pasta and seafood noodle soup was a killer to my stomach. The sashimi is fresh and had few rounds of it.


古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Omgz..Buffer food again ><
How come your company so good one?

Anonymous said...

OMG....the sashimi looks good!

Anonymous said...

via, the noodle soup rich of seafood in there ... YUMMY ler!

Unknown said...

wat the food look great, that must awesome company u r working! VIA!

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

eh i thought there were 3 fountains? hmmm...
did u try the ice cream mix? that's awesome!

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