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Friday, November 14, 2008

Grinder Competition at Maxis KL Sentral

I did 20 reps with my personal best time of 7.27 secs
  • Some of our colleagues erased the Malaysia record of 6.66 secs for 20 reps and the best time was set by Maxis staff was 6.27 secs ... that is a second slower than mine....amazing, wonder how he can do it.
  • Anyway, it was a good feeling and I know my arm will ache tomorrow morning cause I did 5 rounds of it.
  • Thou I din win the phone but I got free Polo T-shirt.

  • Ericsson is a sponsor and participant in this year's Volvo Ocean Race, the sailing world's top around-the-globe event. The race is being used to highlight the challenges, uses of technology, and teamwork required to succeed in today's competitive environment.
  • In conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Singapore in January 2009, Ericsson will be hosting a technology pavilion showcasing the role of communications in the lives of today's consumers, and addressing key telecom trends and their impact on our business.

  • The "Grinder" is a mechanical device for raising and lower the sails on boats, requiring speed and agility.
  • There will be prizes offered to the first 200 participants who compete for the grinder or correctly answer a short quiz, and SonyEricsson mobile phones awarded for the very top competitors.


Anonymous said...

7.27 seconds for 20 rounds, that's quite fast.

Ju Ann said...

ya man! that's damn fast!!! I was trying to imagine how?!

Anonymous said...

see from sports TV, it is not easy and you need to be very fit for this sport

Angie Tan said...

Biceps and Triceps power required!!!

I wouldn't mind trying if I were there.. :P

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