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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Deeparaya Celebration

My IT Department Deeparaya Celebration....
  • Venue: Level 6, Plaza Sentral
  • People: All IT staff
  • Foods: Malay & Indian food
  • Drinks: Masala Tea (own made) & Sirap Bandung

This event is to celebrate our monthly staff birthday as well ... we got sms competition for the best traditional wear too. As the event photographer, took some pics of the setup and decorations.

Bottom right pic: Official photographer - Via & Ms. YL ...took some shots of my colleagues...
  • Here comes the best part....wat else below!

The food was so great that I did not need to have my dinner on that night. I was fully stuffed with curry mutton .... and ayam rendang....

I took so much of lemang and ketupat and shower it with the different gravy....


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, especially the top eight. Loos like a great celebration.. Anyway, do check out my page, too, at www.

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Great pics again!
Somemore got indians foodz! -__-"
Miss it so much*

Ju Ann said...

erm, how many times a month you get to feast like this in the office?!

vialentino said...

arzed: thanks.

jeromefo: yeah...luv indian food a lt.

ju ann: dunno ler...sometimes once or 2 times only.

LuLu said...

u have a fattening blog!

Always make people feel life should always full of nice delicacies....:P

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