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Monday, November 24, 2008

Car aircond broke down

My cousin car workshop at Sunway Damansara
  • Been suffering a week plus without car aircond .... finally got the time to send it for repair.
  • Recommended lots of my friends to service their and fixed their car if got problems.
  • Cheap, honest and good workmanship .... for normal car service (Kelisa) change car engine oil (Castrol), filter and etc....cost RM 50-RM 60.
  • He able to fix any car from Toyota Harrier, Honda, Toyota, Mini, Volkswagen and etc....
  • Good location, next to OldTown White Coffee....while waiting for ur car repair, can drink coffee and lepak there first...... and opposite beautiful Aman Suria houses.

Below pic: My new aircond compressor (red arrow).... took 3 hrs to fix everything ... cost, don't know yet as given a week to test it out.


Aeiween said...

If want to take me like 8hrs to fix the aircon also worth it! nowaways if driving without aircon..sure kill me!! lol...

vialentino said...

aeiween: yaloh....luckily got a spare car to i drive the other car and dats why took me so long to send it for repair...

Anonymous said...

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