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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VIA GIVEAWAY Series 2 - Condoms and a chocolate coin

Giving it for FREE ...
  • After the first succession of via giveaway series 1, I got 3 condoms and a chocolate coin to give away.
  • All you got to do is sms me to 012-2049325 with your personal details Name, blogsite url and your email address. Simple as ABC.
  • The 10th SMS recipient will get this free gift ... competition ends on 31st October.
  • Applicable to Malaysians only and Malaysia address only. Free postage fee!

Don't worry, all tested and high quality ensured. Not sure the choc u might want to eat it.
  • You will wanna know how I get this supply.
  • One early morning I came into my office. Saw a red ang pow packet laying on top of my notebook ... thought there is something good.
  • When I opened up, I got 3 condoms and a chocolate coin. Furthermore, all male staff got it somemore.


amiable amy said... are so creative my about sending me those chocolate coins(not the condoms)hahaha as exemption?

Anonymous said...

hey bro, got my sms? am i the lucky winner?

feanorayomi said...

Hahaha..when I was working in Singapore as a bar supervisor, they were giving out free condoms as well but the casing pretty nice lor.
I think it's called the "love box". I gave the condoms away..kept the box. Hahaha XD

DK said...

Too bad I can't take part.

feanorayomi said...

Haha..oh well maybe next time lah, when you're in Singapore! XD

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