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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Bursa drop like shit and we are not in recession yet!
  • Our govt not pumping money in to help our economy?
  • Aiih....another red day .... plantation keep on dropping .... sighhh.
  • My advice, stay out while you can ... good time is to buy when recesssion comes ahead.
  • Cheers to our blOOdy market!

There goes my dream bike....
  • With the KLSE condition and losing money, my dream bike gone liow.
  • BABY, I will own YOU one day ..... before that, let me get my 500cc license first.

Must blame my uncle for this. When I am a small kid, he took me a ride of his kawasaki ... and I was thrilled ... since then, I love speed a lot. But after my bro-in-law killed in a bike accident, it change my life again and wondering if I have this bike and ride in Malaysia...will I live for a month more?


amiable amy said...

via, the economy is hurting globally : if am a stockholder i will worry for losing big bucks; but, i am consolation for being broke...seriously, everyone of us are affected, let us just pray for a better economy soon

the bike looks tantalising hahaha,if you can own one, you will live longer IF you pray for safety and be a responsible driver...get one...that sure looks sassy on the street

vialentino said...

amy: yeah agree with u....just pray and hope for the best to the global economy. yeah, the bike looks hot but riding in malaysia is not a safe place for bikers unlike in US.

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