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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Melaka Wedding Dinner

Cousin Wedding Dinner at Melaka
  • Rush down from KL to Melaka for a day to attend yve's cousin wedding dinner at Melaka.
  • It was a night to remember cause all yve's cousin were drunk and they did not come and drink with me. YEAH!
  • The last wedding dinner was a disaster for me....finishing nearly a bottle of Black Label.

Pics of my sister in law, niece, nephew ... me n yve ....

Congrats to the lovely couple...I had a full dinner yet again....


amiable amy said...

this is what i love, lots of foods and happy faces...yummy and so gorgeous...hahaha

vialentino said...

amy: yeah.....i like to see happy faces and foods too...hehehe

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