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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lemon Garden Cafe

Can't resist .... darnnn!
  • WARNING - Sorry that I tempt you as well .... don't drool ur saliva in here, just enjoy viewing the pics....kekeke.
  • This is one of my heavy lunch after since a long time. I can't control myself this time cause of the good foods served at Lemon Garden Cafe at Shang-ri La Hotel.
  • Yesterday, went with Johny to eat at here .... we did not make any reservation cuz we thought not many people would not go there for buffet.
  • We are damn lucky that we went there early and got a place to be seated cause it is fully booked --> I thought global economy slowdown, so not much people will eat buffet but I was wrong.

Very nice decorated cafe and the ambience is superbly great to dine at here. They have many food counters such as western, chinese, japan, indian and malay.
  • Below is the pics I've taken and swallowed into my stomach .... my starter always come with sashimi no salad for me.
  • I like their varierty of dim sum choices especially the crab meat dim sum and their pasta! Not forgetting their mouth watering fried GYOZA!
  • and johny took lots of SCALLOPS too.
  • The dish of the moment for me is their steam cod fish (damn kao fresh) and it melts in your mouth and salmon eggs! .... my first time to eat salmon eggs (salty siul) !

Top 1st row pics:- Sashimi is nice as my starter ... then followed by cod fish, fried gyoza, dim sums, fried noodles and salmon fried rice. The salmon fried rice is not so good. Top 2nd row pics:- Took lots of scallops and asparagus, lamb n fried gyoza again. The ginseng herbal soup is nice! Middle 3rd row pics:- Chicken Soup noodles and 3 pasta variety with grilled potatoes. Bottom 4th row pics:- Sushi and bit of sashi with fish eggs and salmon eggs again. Took some dim sums again.
  • Oh man, I will remember this cod fish for life and my salmon eggs experience .... look at their fish meat texture. I did not bluff u leh...told u it is soft and melts in your mouth once u swallow it.
  • I need to queue and rush for this fish as it is hot item in there .... by 2 minutes, the cod fish is gone and luckily I manage to take 3 rounds of it.
  • Later on, the chef change the cod fish dish to another kind of fried fish .... hahaha.
  • Not forgetting the fish eggs ... i always eat this when having sushi and this time, I can take unlimited of fish eggs. Too bad, the caviar also snub quickly and the chef did not refill it....damn it.

Top pic:- Just look at the layout of the cod fish texture! ... perfectly cooked! The crab meat dim sum is delicious....have 4 of that...kekeke. Bottom pic:- My asparagus, salmon eggs and tons of fish eggs .... it is do delicious eating with fresh sashimi.

  • I am too full but I can't miss their ice cream dessert.
  • Finally, I feel bloated and restless after a heavy lunch meal.
  • FYI, for lunch per pax is bout RM 90 nett, thou is pricey but is worth it esp got cod fish, sashimi, scallops and salmon eggs.
  • I will come here again if it is FREE again.

Look at Johny face....see how bloated is him while resting on the chair....hehehe. Total satisfaction for my stomach!


Hurley said...

I know this place! Shangrila! The dimsum kinda suck tho...

Ju Ann said...

wah lau....... food......

Ju Ann said...

ok the cod fish looks damn good

Big Boys Oven said...

wow! lovely place to dine . . . . been there . . . too bad we can't eat all . . . great if can "ta pow" lol! a great place to dine!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dun mean to spoil the fun..but thats not caviar dude..its just ikura or wat u call salmon eggs..

if they serve caviar i think they go broke very soon as its like 300-400 for 50gm..

Ciki said...

i was there recently .. decent food!

vialentino said...

hurley: i thought this place served buffet only...or u mean the chinese restaurant?

ju ann: ooops...kekeke. yaloh this cod fish very pure white ler.

big boys oven: yeah, wish to tao pao the fish and caviar back...hehehe

joe: thanks for the info....i will kill my friend...telling me is a caviar....sorry, din eat caviar before, so dunno how it looks like

cumi: yeah....decent food...just another buffet kind of foods.

Kuntong said...

walau eh..nice la..
RM90 nia..?
last time i went Gen Restaurant in Hilton Hotel,PJ for the Japanese style buffet..
not tat nice..somemore no many delicious expensive food..haha

Reanaclaire said...

Hi V man, how r u? oh oh..ok, no need to answer... the pictures tell all..
for me ah, sure rugi one if i take buffet style cos when i see so much varieties, my stomach like naturally feel full already..
i start my buffet normally like this.. i see my frens eat first... seeing them eat bring back the appetite.. quirky hor?

amiable amy said... heavy lunch indeed! i can probably eat those in 5 hours...enjoy and more food to getting used to it

Anonymous said...

oh via, another great food post by you. really enjoy seeing you eat so much, take care of your tummy pal.

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

What a good day for you.Ate so many nice foods...
My fav Cod Fish -_-".Wish i could be there eating too...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Awesome deal but buffet is wasted on me, I can't eat so much *cries*. Hahahaha the picture of Johny on the couch is priceless. It almost spelled "defeated with satistfaction" :P

PatriCa BB said...

Hi Via,

Thanks for the recommendation. I think I tried it once about 10 yrs back. I will like to re-visit them for the buffet lunch again when I visit KL again.

But the price is not cheap though taking into consideration for the price of RM90 if I don't convert it into SIN. So, it should be damn good quality and service I believe. :)

LuLu said...

wow....pricey lunch! and I'm not a buffet's fan..

But all the delicacy's pictures make me so hungry!! Arghh...

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