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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bali Holiday - Kuta Beach & Kuta Street

Relaxing holiday @ Bali...
  • After check-in into the hotel, I can't wait to go to the famous Kuta beach.
  • Before heading to the beach, need to grab some food first. Went to Discovery Mall and hunt for some local foods in there.
  • My journey at Bali begins here....

We walked along the street to the Kuta Beach. Don't worry of walking along the street side, it is shady and windy and you don't feel hot at all. The only thing you need to worry is the pot holes and un-even side walks path. Oh yes, it is safe too!

This is the best part, the beach was packed with lots of people with sexy bikini babes and hunks, you really need to wear sunglassess to wash eye! The beach was very cold cause the sea water is coming from Aussie. My comment is that the Kuta Beach is not an ideal place to swim cause of the rough sand and the water is not that clear. But it is a good place for sun bathing and water sports activities.

We went for some window shopping for souvenirs. Just want to know their local souvenir price. Went to try their bali body massage...cost RP 95,000 for an hour. Is quite expensive cause after that, we saw there is RP 50,000 an hour massage. Went and check out the Bali Hard Rock cafe.

Took some pics of the hotel along the street, restaurant and the beach as well.

Had our first local food at Discovery Mall ... the Fruit ABC was too sweet and the ice is huge to swallow. We enjoy the western food much more to their local food. I would say their local food taste either sweet or salty only....Malaysia food is still the best!


Akira 思胜 said...

I heard the beach there is so nice, now I get it! The view is so awesome!
Haha, Malaysian food is still the best, right?

eunice said...

So many visitors!! The whole beach is so crowded! Very happening lor! Nice!

Anonymous said...

yapyap i heard bout the beach soooo want to go for BEACH SESSION...many people postin on the beaches thingy hehe lol

got me envy :P

Dean said...

is it weekend season?
so happening!
im surely gonna go there sumday! :D

reanaclaire said...

hi Via, i think i will go one of these days..ahem.. will wait for air asia for offer first, actually still contemplating Manila or Bali.. hv u been to Manila yet? how is it?

-waiseng- said...

hey, the pictures show alot of FUN~!!

vialentino said...

akira: yeah, agree that msia food is still the best!

eunice: i went is not so peak season and was suprise with the crowd at the beach there. u shud go there to look out for hand some and muscular kwai lou.

asha: if u want real beach, go to pulau least redang u can swim but dun have the crowd. Kuta is nice cause of the crowd but the sand there very rough ler.

dean: peak season is march, august, december...i went is a non peak season...else very expensive for me if it is a peak season.

reena: yeah...wait for airasia offer...if got, let me know...cause I wan to go back again. I havent been to Manila before but i think Bali will be nicer than Manila.

waiseng: yeah...lots of fun....cant take much of sexy babes ler...wife next to me...kekeke

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