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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ZOuk Club + Vendor Hammering Session! + U Mobile 3G

Zouk Club, KL
  • Clubbing at Zouk KL, after Sean Kingston concert last week.
  • I miss long island tea very much and liquor!

Bottom right pic: me, michael(my cousin), & jenny

Project Meeting - Tense moment
  • I think everyone is under pressure and their temparent can self destruct just like that.
  • As normal, we had our project progress meeting with the vendor. When the vendor fail to deliver some portion, of course there will be lots of Q & A. But this vendor PM was super me, no quality...u see his face also u feel like shooting with AK-47.
  • I am feeling under pressure as project plan to cut over on 21st April and the other one on 29th April.
U Mobile expects good response to 3G post-paid service

Third generation (3G) service provider U Mobile Sdn Bhd expects strong take-up for its newest post-paid offering dubbed the U38 Plan. Chief executive officer Yun Hae Jong said the RM38 per month post-paid plan would attract 3G users due to its pricing, believed to be the lowest commitment fee plan in the market at present.

“The U38 Plan is aimed at new 3G users who want an uncomplicated, affordable performance-driven post-paid plan with all the essentials thrown in,” Yun said after the launch of the new package yesterday.He said typical users of the U38 Plan would be highly mobile individuals who were discovering growing dependency on a mobile service with a primary broadband functionality.

“That is why we've bundled our high-speed mobile Internet service together with this innovative plan,” Yun said, adding that the company planned to introduce its pre-paid service in June. The company would aggressively expand its network coverage over the next few years, he said, adding that the capital expenditure for the network expansion activities would be “several hundred million US dollars.” Key features of the U38 Plan include video calls at the same rate as voice calls, no contractual period and free U Mobile broadband for two months.

The new plan will be available via the company's flagship store at Berjaya Times Square and selected mobile phone dealers and distributors throughout the Klang Valley starting Friday. Meanwhile, U Mobile deputy chairman Datuk Rosman Ridzwan said the joint 33% acquisition by Japan's NTT DoCoMo and South Korea's KT Freetel (KTF) in the company for US$200mil had been completed.

“Now, in addition to the pool of dedicated local talents driving the company forward, we have a team of equally energetic and capable talents from DoCoMo and KTF,” he said, adding that 2008 would be an important year for the company as it was now well positioned to introduce innovative products and services for the Malaysian market.

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