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Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Update

Weekend: My car + Home cook dinner + Mahjong + Movie

Sunway Pyramid - Movie & Shopping
  • 4th April, Friday ... send sms to Edison to watch movie tonight (3 Kingdoms).
  • We booked but manage to get 4th row. We had another great plan is to go there to purchase the release tickets (20 mins before the show start).
  • After work, pick Edison n Pei Lee bout 8pm and we go to Sunway Pyramid. Had dinner at Kim Gary.
  • Went to the TGV and our plan failed cause it is fully booked and purchased even the 1st and 2nd row from the screen.
  • So we went for shopping till 10.45pm.

Linda Birthday & Mahjong

  • It was Linda's Bday as well, so we went to her house to celebrate with her.
  • Then Steven suggested to play mahjong .... so we just play for fun till 1am.
  • Wahliow, my mahjong luck was good recently .... able to get 'Tai Sam Yuen'.

My car

  • 5th April, Saturday ... early morning before go for my badminton game. Yve followed me to my parent house to collect my car and later she drove back my car.
  • Wah, nice to see my car looks like brand new car even thou the interior is very old. Plan to change it in the next phase.

Home cook dinner

  • 5th April, Saturday, Yve was in mood for cooking. So we invited Edison and Pei Lee for dinner.
  • Yve went to the market to buy veg and chicken.
  • The menu:
    1. Ginger & Onion Chicken (Kiong Chong Kai),
    2. Steam ikan bawal,
    3. Lou Wong Kwa Soup,
    4. Fried Yim Choy veg.

Relaxing Sunday

  • Sunday was a hot sunny day .... morning woke up and wash clothes and do some house chore.
  • Yve car battery dead, so wait for my dad to bring a new car battery. So whole morning and afternoon we watch TV and drama series....very relaxing.
  • Lunch, I cooked my fav pasta (Garlic Butter) but this time I add with burger chicken meat...YUMMY!
  • Went out to buy some DVD movies to watch.
  • Then evening time, watch F1, MU vs Middlesbrough match and India Badminton Open.
  • Then watched the Alvin and Chipmunks ....thou is old movie....but it was a funny, cute and good movie.
  • 8.30pm....Stanley & Sharon came and drop by my place for a while.

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