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Monday, April 14, 2008

Shocking Resignation + Roti Boy Soya Bean experience

Colleague Resignation
  • My boss told me this morning....asked me whether I know the news...I replied that I got no time to listen to gossip news and no time to check my email yet. ~in my mind, want to say to him that I got no time to blog as well...kekeke.
  • So I ask my wat big news? Then he told me that our colleague from our team resigned....I stun a while and did not expect she will tender her resignation and can't believe she willing to let go her ESOS. Told all my friends that my work is very VERY STRESS and UNDER PRESSURE ... probably I make it seems to be like having an easy working life.
  • Her reasons is party is work pressure and family. Will gonna miss her...seriously, this will add more workload to my...hope my boss now will assign someone to take over her job and pray it will not be ME!.

Roti Boy Soya Bean ~ Rasa Basi

  • Bought a tuna sandwich and a soya bean drink for my breakfast from KLCC Roti Boy branch.
  • I open the soya bottle....and take a deep sip of the drink in front of my boss while having a short discussion.
  • Fxcking shit, i spit out taste so creamy and sour-ish!! .... my boss joke and told me...your face like having a white cum coming out from my mouth.
  • I check the bottle expiry date and it say 2009, not expired at all ... then straight away I took it back to outlet and complain.
  • You know what is their excuse:- The bottle is not fridge properly .... niabeh! No Refund , instead they exchange me with another bottle!
Tip: To cut grease and odor on dishes, add a tablespoon of vinegar to your hot soapy water

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