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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sean Kingston Review + Dim Sum @ King Crab Restaurant + Dinner @ Decanter PJ + PC Fair 2008

Sean Kingston Live @ Zouk Club, KL
  • 11th April, after work, drove back to Puchong to pick up yve from home. We had McD drive thru cause running out of time.
  • Reach Zouk club bout 8.30pm ... met May & Lucia at there. Then minggle around with my colleagues at there.
  • Note: I brought my digital camera, and guess what....there is no MEMORY CARD in it. Aiyoh....normally i will check thru my digital camera but guess this time were rush a bit and excited to go to Zouk.
  • Went to the Media VIP area at upstair for a good view. Damn it, no alcohol concert cause got under age people....aiyoh....only got Juices.
  • Honestly, I am not a fan of Sean Kingston .... his songs is normal to me. I prefer to enjoy DJ Tiesto songs.
  • It is a short concert and finish bout 11pm .... all the crowd got to leave and come back again to chase away the under age people at the concert.
  • Met my cousin there too .... we went back to Zouk ... me and yve ordered two jug of Long Island 1 free 1 ...for RM 80 nett.
  • My cousin table opened 3 bottle of Black Label .... gosh, we had a good drink out that night.
  • Left Zouk bout 2.30am cause tomorrow morning, I need to go to PC Fair early in the morning as a exhibitor.
PC Fair 2008

  • 12th April, wake up bout 8 am with a bit headache. Force myself to get out from the bed.
  • Had breakfast before leave to KLCC Convention Center. Arrive there bout 10.15am ....
  • Wow...the entrance was so pack with people....
  • Lucky Draw - i won a external HDD 160GB (Taiwan brand ler).

Dinner at Decanter Restaurant @ PJ Section 17

  • 12th April ...feel like going out for a dinner at PJ. Called up Johny and Wan Lin for dinner together. At first, was thinking to have 'Mee Raja' at Murni mamak @ SS2.
  • Then Johny suggest to bring us to a Thai food restaurant call My Elephant Cafe. We arrive there and guess wat. There is few customer in we walked in at the entrance door. A waiter came and stop us and inform they are closed. The reason is there is technical issue...and he told us THE CHEF IS NOT IN GOOD MOOD!!!! Me and Johny---WTF!
  • So we went to Decanter Restaurant....the food was good and affordable price.
  • Later night, we went to Jaya One, Oldtown Kopitiam ... netcat join us there for yum char.

Dim Sum breakfast at King Crab Restaurant @ Kelana Jaya --> horrible

  • After went to morning market to buy vege ... then we head to King Crab for dim sum. Wanna try their dim sum.
  • Ok, our bad feeling started when the waitress start to take our order....niabeh....her face so sour and like looking down on me and no smile.
  • Then we waited our food for so long and there is just few patrons in the restaurant while the waiter staff got a few of them.
  • Then came our food.... small portion and doesnt match the price we are paying for....esp the Scallop Chee Cheong Fun...cost RM 12 and just a scallop in the each cheong fun roll.
  • The food was so-so except the Siew Mai which taste good. Ok...the SIU LONG BAO is the worst soup in it and salty. My Siu Long Bao much better than theirs.
  • After pay bill, none of the waiter say thank you and all look so moody. No way for me to go back to there for dim sum breakfast again.
  • After breakfast, went to my parent house to visit my dad.

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