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Friday, April 18, 2008

Roti Prata with Maggi Mee + Lunch at KGB, Avenue K

Looks Yummy
  • Got this from a forwarded email....seems like roti canai can mix with lots of thing now.
  • They should have a Roti Canai Seafood....or mix with some pasta as well....hahaha.
  • Anyway, the best Roti at Murni SS2 .... try and order Roti Ayam Special!

Lunch at Kim Gary Beyond, Avenue K
  • Have lunch with Ellie and Johny .... then bump to Vicky sitting across my table.
  • I wasn't sure is that Vicky till I ask Johny....then Johny say yes....and Vicky look at us and waive at us....
  • It was damn pack with people today at Kim Gary....wonder got wat event at many insurance agent there from Great Eastern.
  • Can't remember Vicky....? Below is an old picture .... celebrating Lilian bday at Souled Out. (all look so young dat time)....kekeke...


ami3 s10 said...

roti prata and maggi mee??? wahh... sedap kah?

knatz said...

got eggs and onions...should be sedap! will try and order this at mamak stall :p

Simon Seow said...

wah, this is so special, next time must order. I only tried their loh su fun and roti Hawaii.

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